Chakra balancing different days of the week: 26/9, 27/10 and 4/12 2023 at 18.00-19.30

400.00 SEK

Welcome to a chakra breathing and a chakra balancing with crystals on ourselves.

Chakra balancing involves balancing the body's seven chakras. Any imbalances we have manifest in our energy system by blocking the energy from flowing freely. A chakra balancing dissolves blockages and creates presence and relaxation in the body. It helps you get into balance both physically, mentally and emotionally. A balanced energy system provides harmony, health and vitality.

If you want to take part in an introduction for just SEK 50, you can register here

The workshop will include an overview of the chakra system and which crystals resonate with each chakra as well as how to do a chakra balancing on yourself

Where: Kristalltemplet, Hökensgata 6, Subway Slussen
Number: 8 seats

Cancellation is free up to 7 days before the workshop starts. If you cancel after this, we will receive the full fee. To cancel or for other questions about the workshop, email

Warm welcome!


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