Sage candle

195.00 SEK

Organic handmade scented candle - Sage

Finally we have received lovely scented candles that are pure and come from organic farming in the south of France where they are made by hand from real ingredients. When you light the candle, you feel a pleasant scent of soft sage that gives a feeling of security and well-being.

Composition: Hydrogenated coconut oil, sage essential oil; Salvia Sclarea* cotton wick. *15% of the total ingredients come from organic earthworms.

Ecological light certified by Ecocert Greenlife - F32600

Tip! Allow the candle to burn for one hour when first lit to prevent it from hollowing out and to allow the candle to burn down completely eventually.

Dimensions: approx. 6.5 cm in diameter and approx. 9.7 cm high.


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