Mama Mala Tiny Devotions Mala

720.00 SEK 1,200.00 SEK

Mama Mala Tiny Devotions Mala

She is the person we aspire to be like. She with unconditional love and who is ever forgiving, she with amazing courage. Our best friend and our main teacher and guide.
She with the shoulder we can always cry on. Protective, patient and kind.
Give yourself, or the mother in your life some extra love with this rose quartz and smoky quartz mala.
Whether you're a mum-to-be, a new mum or a seasoned mum, or why not dad? – this template is for you.
The intention of this mala is to give gratitude, love and support to you as a parent.

Rose quartz is said to help with anxiety, replacing worry and fear with a sense of calm and confidence. Often called the stone of love, rose quartz carries heartfelt energies of forgiveness, tolerance and compassion, teaching us to apply this unconditional love to ourselves and others, the same way a mother would.

Smoky quartz is believed to help us become centered and grounded. It is said to transform negative energies into positive ones and convey physical and psychological protection.

Sandalwood is a very soothing and spiritual type of wood that emits a soothing, light scent. It is said to attract positive energy and give us crystal clear perception.

Rose quartz, smoky quartz and sandalwood
Length: approx. 76 cm including pendant


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