Rudraksha Silver Guru Mala

750.00 SEK

Rudraksha Silver Guru Mala

This "Silver Guru mala" is a deluxe version of the simple mala, with a powerful silver bead for Aum as guru.
The Guru bead symbolizes the crown chakra and the Aum sign represents everything, a seed of everything in this world.

Hindus discovered the power of the sacred Rudraksha beads thousands of years ago and are considered sacred in many cultures. These pearls give its wearer peace, clarity and a direction, in this way they make room for positive thoughts and good energy. The small Rudraksha beads are the rarest and possess the strongest energy.

of your magnificent radiance
Am I reconciled with the unconscious.

Silver lines
that embraces the world,
a network that has become complete.
Like water.

in the wake of the tide.
as mysterious as the moon,

The number of beads in this hand-knotted mala: 108 pcs
Length: approx. 41 cm.
Size of rudraksha beads: 6 mm.


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