Rune set in rose quartz

290.00 SEK

Runes, crystal runes of pink rose quartz

25 pieces of pink rose quartz stones, engraved runes (one blank). Runes are ancient Nordic symbols that we used in Scandinavia already during the Bronze Age.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5-2cm.

Feh = Wealth
Ur = Strength
Thurs = Thorn
Ass = God, Odin
Reid = Travel
Ken = Lantern
Gifu = Gift
Wynja = Joy
Hail = Hail
Naud = Need
Ice = Ice
Jara = Year/harvest
Eoh = Yew
Perta = Mother, earth
Algiz = Moose
Sunna/sol = The sun
Taurus = Spiritual warrior, heaven
Bjarka = Healing power

Eh = Horse
Madr = Human
Lagu = Water
Ing = The God Ing, male sexuality
Dagaz = Day, insight
Odal = Home, tradition

See picture 2 for the runes with names


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