Sapphire, five stones with filigree silver ring

3,490.00 SEK

Silver ring with blue sapphire with filigree decorations

Beautiful statement silver ring for those who are not afraid to be seen. Sapphire emerges from a vibrant pattern of flowers, garlands, twisted silver threads and decorative leaf-like designs, parts of which are oxidized to further bring out the ornamentation. Definitely a gorgeous ring to love, it leaves no one untouched! The silver ring sits comfortably on the finger with a tapering silver band down the finger. This silver ring can absolutely be worn both everyday and at parties.
The full length of the sapphire ring along the finger is 45 mm and the width is approx. 23 mm depending on the ring size.

The band measures: tapering down the back to 6mm
The stones measure: approx. 15 x 10, 10 x 8 and mm
The height measures: approx. 8 mm


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