Valentine's Day

St Valentine's Day February 14th every year!

Celebrate your partner, romance, passion and love
Do you remember when you were newly in love? How did you meet? Do you remember how the passion and desire flowed through the body? How can you rekindle your passion and surprise your partner and make something wonderful out of Valentine's Day, February 14?

It can be the love of a partner, your children, yourself, life, the world, your dog, your work, your friends... the list goes on and on. The important thing is that you are present to the love within yourself. There is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to think, say and you don't even need to be in any particular way. Your heart is unique and love is only there if you dare and give yourself the opportunity.

We can never have too much love and after all we can never have too much unconditional love! Valentine's Day is a day of romance, passion and courtship. Take the chance to give yourself and your loved one an experience.

Renew trust and intimacy
You can use Valentine's Day to renew your relationship and find your way back to each other (how often do we not have to do that?). Give your partner a crystal ring, or give it to each other to renew your trust and intimacy. Just set your unique intention!

Manifest in more love
You who dream and long for love, what should you do?
Maybe you can let the Saint Valentine come to you in the dream and give you hope to find the right one? Try putting some stones under your pillow when you sleep.

Stones for love and attraction are garnet, ruby, moonstone, agate, carnelian and rhodonite. Agate is the stone for love magic... if you want to attract someone to you! You can also make use of a love blessing with our intention bags with magic stones for love.