The Crystal Room's guide to measuring your ring size

Ring size: Diameter :

5 15.5 mm
6 16.5 mm
6.5 17 mm
7 17 1/4 mm
8 18 mm
9 18 3/4 mm
10 19 3/4 mm

How to measure the size of a ring:
Use a ruler or tape measure and lay on a flat surface. Take your ring and place it on the ruler/tape measure to read the inside measurement in mm, these millimeters correspond to your ring size.

Example: The inside measurement of your ring measures 18 mm, then it is a size 8.
Be careful when reading the measurement, as every millimeter matters and can make a big difference in your search for the right ring size!

How to measure your ring size without ring:

1. Take a piece of ribbon or string and wrap one turn around your finger.
2. Create a "ring" and measure the string/ribbon where it joins by placing it against a ruler.
3, The measurement you get in millimeters is the ring size you should choose.

Example: If the inner measurement of the band measures 17 mm, you should choose ring size 7.

Please note that the width of the ring can be decisive in the choice of size, a wide ring may require a larger size than you usually use.

A tip is to measure your ring size both in the morning and in the evening. Both heat and cold can affect the size of your finger!

If you have more questions about rings, you are welcome to contact customer service via chat or email.