The crystal room's care advice for jewelery in silver with stones and freshwater pearls.

Mineral and gemstone

The minerals have different levels of hardness and structure and are differently sensitive to environmental stresses. Some stones, e.g. turquoise, are sensitive to chemicals and can be damaged by e.g. cleaning agents and hairspray. Other stones, such as amber and calcite, are sensitive to salt, so it is good to avoid bathing in salt water with the jewelry on.

Elastic thread is more sensitive than wire to mechanical wear, salt water, weather and wind. It is best to rethread the jewelery from time to time.

Necklaces and bracelets strung on wire.

All necklaces and bracelets that are threaded on wire, cable or silk need to be re-threaded at regular intervals. If you use the jewelry a lot, you should do it every year or two to be sure that it won't wear off.

Remember never to store pearls in cotton, it dries out the pearl and it loses all its luster. Feel free to wear them against the skin often as the body moisturizes the pearls.

Bracelets strung on elastic thread

It is a simple, cheap and popular piece of jewelry to thread beads into bracelets on elastic thread. Elastic threads are available in different qualities and thicknesses. An elastic bracelet is exposed to a lot of wear and tear as it is often pulled on and off the arm. You should never pull out the elastic thread more than necessary, it also cannot withstand water, extreme cold or heat. All this affects the wire and causes it to freeze or dry and become brittle or brittle. It is also not a good idea to sleep with a necklace or bracelet on an elastic thread because you do not know what you are doing in your sleep.

Silver jewelry.

All silver darkens over time when it comes into contact with air, please store your silver jewelry in a bag of some kind. When it needs polishing, silver polish is recommended for silver jewelry that you can buy in the trade. I advise against using toothpaste that some people prefer as this contains abrasives that make the jewelery scratchy.

Settings of precious stones in silver.

Stones that are set in jewelry also need to be taken care of, especially those that are set in rings as dirt easily collects under the stone. Take an old toothbrush and scrub with a little warm water and washing-up liquid and the stone will be like new.

Necklaces that are strung on wire, it is very important to store them in a good way. Otherwise, the wire easily gets a break, which means that you have to rethread the necklace. It is not recommended to sleep or shower with such jewelry as they easily get stuck or get dirty.