Frequently Asked Questions The Crystal Room

Here are the most common questions in our stores and in the online store - and our answers!

What is the difference between tumbled rock and raw mineral?

A tumbled stone (or tumbled as it is also called) is a stone that has been polished in a machine similar to a washing machine. Unprocessed rough-hewn stones are placed together with abrasives of various kinds in a "Trummel machine", the abrasive is changed, which consists of, among other things, diamond powder, until the stone has a finer and finer surface. Kristallrummet's suppliers have distinguished themselves for being extra careful with the finishing and create very fine tumbled stones. A raw mineral is uncut and as natural in form as possible.

Are all stones equally helpful?

We feel that the stones are helpful in nature. The crystals and stones are the earth's love for us humans. All stones and their unique properties can help and guide you in different ways.

What do I do if I want to choose a stone for someone else?

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Why are there different price ranges for the same stone?” For example Rose Quartz for SEK 10 and another for SEK 25

The stones are priced based on quality and how much work they are done. The more color and possibly the more transparency or luster and the more worked (cut, shaped) a stone is, the more expensive it is.

What does "A quality" mean?

We divide our tumbled stones according to different quality categories, such as "A quality" "AA quality" and AAA quality". We therefore shop according to these qualities, and therefore often choose to apply them when we put the stones up for sale. These 3 categories distinguish stones in higher price ranges and of a higher visible quality.

How do I know a stone is real?

It is a good question as it can sometimes be very difficult. If the stone looks "absolutely perfect" or is, for example, whiter inside than outside, there is reason to suspect that it has been tampered with. This of course varies from stone to stone. We at Kristallrummet work with certified gemologists and trusted suppliers to be able to give you the real thing!

What does Flower of life mean?

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What does Seed of life mean?

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What does tree of life mean?

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Why are not all products on the website?

Sometimes when we buy in our goods, we find individual examples of both beautiful and special jewelry and stones. Showing everything in the online store, of which we may only have one, takes far too much time and costs money. We can do that with some more expensive jewelry, but unfortunately we can't photograph every little stone. They are all different and unique.

Why do you sell colored stones? (eg colored ruby, coral, jade, agate, etc.)

Dyeing, for example, agate is an old tradition. Honey was used to open the pores of the stone so that the color could penetrate. The color often consisted of other minerals, eg azurite.
But it is, of course, a trade-off and we do not take in certain colored stones. We always talk about if the stone is colored.

My aunt/brother/friend makes jewelry, would you like to become a retailer of them?

We have trusted suppliers from all over the world since 1990 when we started our business. It is difficult for a hobby manufacturer in Sweden to give us good enough prices. But if he believes in his products, he is welcome to get in touch!

Where do you buy all the stones?

Our stones come from all over the world. We have suppliers from Sweden, the Nordic countries, Europe, Asia, North and South America, China, Africa, Greenland, Australia, Indonesia... Yes, there are unique stones and jewelry just everywhere!

Do you use ethical silver?

The jewelry producer Ananda Soul (as well as some Cornelia Webb collections) uses only recycled silver and gold. We always try to have a dialogue with our suppliers about Fair Trade and ethical conditions for everyone involved. Since rocks and minerals travel all over the globe, it is difficult for us to have an exact track, we unfortunately have to admit that. If we come into contact with ethical and Fair Trade producers and suppliers, we try to bring them into our own sales operations.

Why are there sometimes so few copies of a certain product?

Jewelry is like a work of art, it is handmade with selected stones. Stones are always different, genuine stones there is only one of each. Creating series with jewelry and stones is difficult and unfortunately the demand is sometimes greater than the availability of the truly unique and fantastic jewelry and stones.

Can a stone help me with my illness?

We always recommend seeing a doctor for physical and mental problems, but we also believe that stones can help us get deeper into ourselves, focus energy and why not contribute healing powers? Science does not know everything, the universe is not finally investigated and accounted for. We know that everything is energy, even the rocks. So why should it be so strange if they can contribute to our healing?

But like I said, reach out always doctor, don't believe everything you read or hear and test yourself. How does it feel to you? How are you affected? It is ultimately the most important thing, so trust it!