Welcome to Kristallrummet's sales to companies!

We have two groups of business customers depending on whether you want to sell on a small or large scale: Retailers and Wholesale customers.


For questions about orders, orders, price lists for wholesale customers and retailers and more, please contact us via foretag@kristallrummet.se or by phone 0 8-714 8816 , weekdays 10.00-15.00.

You can order via the webshop, phone, email or our order forms.

Read about all the benefits and conditions that apply to each form in order to make your choice. Read the terms of purchase first and then apply about becoming a retailer or wholesale customer by emailing Åsa at foretag@kristallrummet.se. We approve every application manually!

Terms of purchase for business customers

You need to have a registered company and resell our products to be able to register as a retailer or wholesale customer and get access to our big discounts.


For you who sell our products on occasional occasions and/or buy smaller quantities.

• You get a 40% discount on our retail price on most products.

• You do not need to buy large quantities but can buy 1 pc. of the products at the advantageous price.

• Use our website and show pictures of products you can order for your customers.

• You can use the available means of payment in the online store.

• You receive sales support from the Crystal Room. Sales support means that we help you with advice and tips about e.g. which products may be easiest to sell at the beginning, information about the products and answers to other questions you may have as a retailer. All so that you feel confident in daring to take the step to become a reseller or perhaps to expand your sales operations and switch to becoming a wholesale customer.

• The first time you shop, you pay for your goods directly at checkout, after which we can give you an invoice. You shop for SEK 2,500/ excl. VAT (SEK 3,125 incl. VAT) the first time after that you can supplement, see below.

• You make purchases for at least SEK 1,500 excluding VAT (SEK 1,875 including VAT) on each subsequent purchase. Minimum orders must be kept for everyone except if your company has ordered in the last month, then you can supplement your previous order.

• You must shop at least 2 times per year to continue to be a Reseller.

Wholesale customer: For stores and businesses that sell on a larger scale.

• You enjoy a special, very advantageous price list with quantity discounts for our products, which means discounts of between 40-65% See below for a further description of the rules that apply to quantity discounts.

• You buy mineral and tumbled stone by weight.

• You can use the available means of payment in the online store.

• You receive sales support from the Crystal Room. Which means that we help you with information about the products and answers to other questions you may have as a wholesale customer.

• You shop for at least SEK 10,000 excluding VAT, i.e. cash payment (advance payment) at the first time of purchase)

• You make purchases for at least SEK 2,500 excluding VAT on each subsequent purchase. Minimum orders must be kept for everyone except if your company has ordered in the last month, then you can supplement your previous order.

Rules around quantity/discount:

Many products are packaged in a certain quantity and often the bulk customer enjoys an extra discount for a full package. Some items are only sold in larger packages.

The following rules for minimum quantities apply to wholesale customers:

- Goods that cost SEK 30 excl. VAT (37.50 incl. VAT) or less, buy at least 5 pcs.

- Goods that cost SEK 100 excl. VAT (SEK 125 incl. VAT) or less, buy at least 2 pcs.

- Tumbled stone, mineral and polished stones that cost less than SEK 1,000/kg excluding VAT (SEK 1,250 incl. VAT) buy at least 200 grams per stone type.

- For stones that cost more than SEK 1,000/gr excluding VAT, you can buy a smaller amount.

- If you buy more than 1000 gr, you get an extra 10% discount, applies to selected items of weight.

- Discount codes for retail customers do NOT apply to wholesale/retailers.

- Additional discounts for retailers and wholesale customers must be approved by the company manager.

Use of the Crystal Room's images and texts

If you have a web shop or use printed material for your sales, you can in most cases use our images. Contact us if you are interested in this! You then need, after approval, to print the name of our photographer Karolina Serenander / Form Serenander so that it is clear who has photographed the product. Feel free to take inspiration from our texts but formulate yourself in your own words. Not allowed to copy!

Drop shipping / Webshop

We can also collaborate around a drop shipping agreement. Get in touch and we'll discuss how it should work.

Rules around delivery, shipping and warranty

When we send packages, you pay shipping and any customs, VAT, cash on delivery fee or invoice fee. We deliver all backorders free of charge.

Invoice terms

Normally we grant 15 days after customary credit check. However, longer time can be granted if the payment commitment is met. If payment has not been made within the specified time, a reminder fee of SEK 45 plus interest on the entire amount (at 20% per year) is imposed. In case of late payment, the invoice is administered by Visma Inkasso and your payment terms are changed to cash payment.

"If payment in SEK: Iban SE8050000000052231012162 Swift=Bic code ESSESESS.

If payment in Euro: Iban SE7150000000059368242836 Swift=Bic code ESSESESS."

You apply to become an invoice customer after your first purchase.

Delivery time

Goods are normally sent within approx. 5-8 working days, with reservation for delays beyond Kristallrummet's control. Kristallrummet reserves the right to cancel an order that, for reasons beyond Kristallrummet's control, cannot be delivered within a reasonable time.

Shipping cost

Packages are sent with DHL or picked up at our warehouse at Nathorsvägen 28, 121 37 Johanneshov. Purchases over SEK 5,000 are delivered free of charge within Sweden and purchases over SEK 10,000 are delivered free of charge within Europe. Current shipping prices: Servicepoint SEK 79, DHL to the door SEK 110.

Buy in store

Please note that in-store purchases for business customers (retailers and wholesale customers) are not possible. Purchases can only be made online and not in our physical stores. However, you can of course get inspiration in our physical stores. Contact us for more information.

Backlisted item

If the item is expected to arrive within a reasonable time, we note the balance after the request and deliver it free of charge. You of course have the right to cancel a backlisted item - notify us by e-mail foretag@kristallrummet.se or phone 08-714 88 16.

Return/Open purchase

You have full right of return and exchange on all ordered goods within 10 days. If you are not satisfied with the ordered products, you contact us within 10 days of receiving the goods for an exchange or adjustment of the next invoice. You pay for return shipping yourself and the product must be undamaged, unused and packed in the original packaging.


You must claim faulty products and broken goods within 14 days of us sending the package.

Package not collected

Consignment that is returned to the Crystal Room without release means that the customer is charged the shipping (59 SEK incl. VAT) to the customer and the return shipping (146 SEK incl. VAT) to the Crystal Room from Servicepoint /DHL, any invoice fee from Klarna is added and SEK 200 to cover the Crystal Room's costs for wages around the administration of an unclaimed package. An uncollected shipment is thus charged SEK 405 (incl. VAT). When the return comes back to us, we send an invoice of SEK 405 to the customer. If the invoice is not paid, it will be forwarded to debt collection.


The Crystal Room provides a 6-month manufacturing warranty on products that we manufacture ourselves, provided they are well cared for and have not been exposed to abnormal wear and tear. Bracelets and long necklaces that have been torn off due to the wearer getting stuck in something and recklessly pulling, for example, are not replaced. We check the product before we approve a complaint. Contact our corporate sales bums when you want to advertise a product. However, the warranty does not cover wear and tear, careless handling or accidental damage. For the warranty to apply, proof is required of when the item was purchased.


The prices are set based on the value of the Swedish krona on the international market. If major currency changes and increased shipping costs occur, this will affect our prices. We reserve the right to ev. price changes. We reserve the right to subsequently correct prices that have been written incorrectly in our online store.


We reserve the right for any printing errors on this website. We also cannot guarantee that all images accurately reflect the actual colors of the products. This depends on which computer you have and which settings are made on it. All prices are shown including VAT in our online store.

Inactive business customers are regularly removed from the system. We do not allow private shopping with the price lists for retailers and wholesale customers. 

We look forward to a long and creative collaboration!