Sage, smudge and incense with natural ingredients. Enjoy quality incense from Japan, France, Argentina, Peru, USA and India.

In the Crystal Room, we have a carefully selected collection of incense, where each variety consists exclusively of natural, organic materials without any synthetic additives. Our incense products are produced with care and ethics in mind; many of them are tested and guarantee fair trade, or are made by small-scale family businesses. We also offer ranges that are smokeless or almost smokeless incense, where the incense sticks do not contain a wooden core, but are made entirely of natural, biological material that emits its fragrance.

The use of smudge sticks, such as Sage and Palo Santo, to raise the energy and purify the atmosphere of a space has been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous peoples around the world. All of our incense products in the Crystal Room originate from natural plant-based sources.

It is important to be aware that many incense products on the market may contain harmful substances that are unhealthy to inhale. We therefore urge our customers to be careful with their choice of incense, to ensure a healthy and safe experience.

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