Palo Santo, (holy wood) natural incense

25.00 SEK

Palo Santo (holy wood) natural incense

The wood of the sacred tree produces a sweet and intense fragrance and has been used in ceremonies and rituals by indigenous peoples of South America since ancient times.

NOVELTY! Now we also have a small knitting needle. Not packed with card or special bag.

The crystal room's Palo Santo comes from Peru and is packaged with a small card about Palo Santo.

In Spanish, Palo Santo means sacred wood. When Palo Santo is burned, it creates a lovely incense with a hint of mint and citrus. An uplifting fragrance that raises your vibrations. Palo Santo is said to open up profound creativity and say goodbye to negative energies.
The best part is that we have a close relationship with our supplier and can guarantee sustainable harvest and conditions. Over 30,000 trees have been replanted in the area!

Small: A simple small needle, about 7-8 grams.
Bag: Contains approx. 30-35 gr. Sold per package of approx. 3-5 knitting needles, depending on individual weight.


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