Home decor with crystals

Decorate with crystals, create a magical home

Large crystal spikes, cut larger blocks of a mineral or large raw crystals and stones are a wonderful eye-catcher and a place of recovery in the home or workplace. Hold your hand on your crystal, close your eyes and turn inward. You land in yourself and soon you have the power and energy back.


It is said that the most important crystals for protection are shungite, tourmaline, obsidian and onyx. They all have in common the color black and maybe it is that black is a color for being deeply grounded and in a way skeptical or questioning of the facts presented, what others say. Instead, you need to trust your own feeling and intuition. Because what better protection than listening to yourself and taking yourself seriously.

If you want to use these crystals for protection, you can place one or more large clusters or stones in the hall. You can also place stones in all four directions, in the corners of your home. If you want to protect your person, you can wear jewelry with these crystals. Jewelry is a great way to wear stones. Then others see it too and you signal the right energy to other people.

The black crystals also provide energy to face one's fears. Many of the fears are unwarranted while we do not see the real fears. It takes courage and intelligence to see through one's own preconceived notions. Shungite, onyx, obsidian and black tourmaline will give you the power to do that.

You place protective crystals in the hall and by your windows.

Cleanse your home with crystals

Selenite and rock crystal are said to be the best crystals for creating purification and raising the energies in a home. They both have the ability to purify other crystals. Think of a rock crystal cluster or a selenite stone as a small ethereal energy fountain. The best part is that it doesn't get wet, no algae grows and it doesn't need to be topped up with water. It is an energy fountain that gives and gives of itself and you can place it wherever you want, although a larger rock crystal cluster, a selenite lantern or larger stone is best placed in the middle of your room. Preferably in the living room or where you stay every day.

Give your home good vibes

Which energies you and those you live with need vary over time. For the crystals and stones to work, they need to be dusted off, perhaps washed, placed in new places. The crystals and stones that are important to you or yours right now should be placed in the middle of the room or house/apartment.

You can also advantageously choose the crystals that are good for you right now and place them on your altar or a central place in the apartment. Having larger crystals and stones as eye-catchers, energy fountains and to pat from time to time brings calm and harmony to a home.

Amethyst and rose quartz

Amethyst and rose quartz are great to have in your home and give you energy for relaxation, intuition, higher understanding and love. Children love to go and pet a large eg a rose quartz stone, almost like a pet. Beautiful crystals and stones become like family members and an obvious part of the community. Their meaning and energy give vibes to anyone who is open to it.

This was a small, concise summary of how you can think when you want to decorate your home with crystals. You can read more about how to design and decorate your home for good energies on our Feng Shui pages. Always feel free to follow your gut.

Say a prayer as you cleanse the home with sage and selenite energy

When you clean your home with Sage or place your selenite and tourmaline crystals, it is good to do it together with a prayer. You can use our suggestion below, but you can also formulate something that feels right down to the core of yourself.

Say the words firmly, firmly and in a loud voice. Let everyone hear and no one escape! Out with the negative! Let your heart speak with power.

The prayer might sound like this:
I command all negativity, low energies and forces that do not favor me in this space (home) to leave and go to the light. You low energies, muddled forces and negative, non-affirming energies are not welcome here. I command you to go to the light.

Best of luck ❤️

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