Women's circle - Inner strength and self-love VT2024 start 29/1

2,600.00 SEK

Welcome to this enriching women's circle with a focus on cultivating inner strength and power, as well as humility and self-love. It is an eight-week journey that invites you to a deep and holistic exploration of your inner self.

At each weekly meeting, we will delve into a specific theme, all of which are connected to unique parts of our personal journey. Our meetings will be a harmonious blend of sharing, active meditations, free movement, discussions and creative exercises that promote insight, community and self-reliance.

We often feel alone when we face challenges, but when we dare to open up, we quickly discover that our experiences unite us. We share similar trials in life. Together we become a supporting force on each other's journey towards personal growth, self-love and strength! Above all, with the realization that we carry all the answers within ourselves, we just have to dare to listen and trust.

Come along and create a safe and caring environment where we learn from each other, share our experiences and support each other's personal development. This Women's Circle is a place where we will collectively explore, share and expand – as individuals and as women. Let's grow and strengthen together on this joint journey closer to our inner power!

No previous knowledge required.

Date: 8 Monday evenings 17.00-18.40 starting on 29/1 2024
There will also be a reflection circle a few weeks after the last opportunity.

Josefin Söderby will hold this women's circle. She is one of the yoga teachers at The Soul Space retreat and holds weekly yoga classes at Inbalance yoga and at Sats.

Feel free to email soderbyjosefin@gmail.com if you have questions about the women's circle.

With love and warmth,

Josefin Söderby


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