When things go wrong and nothing goes as you want...

Surely it is the case that quite often things do not turn out as planned? Something or everything is wrong. Especially when there are many of you and expectations are high, it can become a problem. We have selected a black tourmaline, kunzite and amethyst to help you navigate confusion, problems, expectations and the need to face the truth.

Tourmaline is the crystal of protection. It supports you to be in touch with your roots, listen to your body's signals and be gentle with yourself. Don't take unnecessary risks, stand with both feet on the ground and listen deep into the earth and into your own body. Take it easy, your safety is the most important thing.

Amethyst is the crystal for letting go. You can use the purple clear crystal as a stone in your pocket or bra, but you can also have a piece of jewelry that you carry with you all the time. The amethyst is the crystal that most people love, it is the most googled and is never wrong to give as a gift. It represents Let go, spirituality, contact with the whole, sensitivity to energies and messages get the spiritual aspect of life.

Kunzite is the crystal for lovingly seeing the truth in the white eye and adapting accordingly. Let the sword of truth be sharp, do not shy away from what you need to see. If you have to change a situation, do it wholeheartedly, from your heart, without excuses and stand up for the voice of your heart. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. But it usually feels better afterwards. Don't compromise your love.