Welcome to Kristallrummet's webshop 4.1

Hello Dear Crystal Friend!

We are so proud and grateful to finally be able to present our new webshop to you and we are super happy that you have found your way here. The new webshop is based on all the approximately 500 responses we received in our customer survey in early summer 2022. Thank you for reading this and please contact us with feedback.

We look forward to sharing all of our merchandise and our new Crystal Library with you in a new inspiring atmosphere. Our desire is to give you an experience of the presence and the love that radiates from nature's own creations; The crystals, the stones and all the jewelry made from natural materials. We are passionate about sharing our fascination, wonder and sense of magic with you.

News in brief

Find what you're looking for bums

New filtering function in both mobile and desktop - In desktop there is better filtering in the left edge and in mobile it comes in the right edge when you press filtering.

Easier to contact us

Chat function for our customers (PS we don't sit in front of the computer all the time but respond as soon as we can).

Crystal Library

We have gathered much of our informative material under one and the same page. The Crystal Library . There you will find Crystals A-Z (About Magical Stones...) and many other information pages that we have written over the years.

Smarter design and nicer pictures

We want to convey more magic, beauty, love and power to you. Hope you feel we have succeeded.

Easier checkout

Easier to shop conveniently or access our information directly on your mobile

Easier to choose shipping options

Now you can choose the delivery location yourself and track the package directly.

Shop in English!

Now finally even those who don't speak Swedish can shop with us.

The Crystal Club

No more passwords! You log in by filling in your email address and asking for a login code, which will be sent to your email. Enter it and you are logged in. You will remain logged in unless you actively log out. You will receive an email with a discount code for your 5% extra discount! Keep your eyes open and check your junk mail if you haven't received it.

Business customers

You log in again by filling in your email address and asking for a login code. You no longer need a password but remain logged in. If you want to see the retail prices, it is easier to open a new incognito window in your browser and surf to our site.