All Saints Day

Halloween and All Saints Day

The sun begins to wander lower and lower and the silence begins to spread in nature. At the same time, the fiery colors of the leaves cannot be escaped. The death of nature is quiet and dramatic at the same time.

All Saints' Day is fast approaching, in pre-Christian Celtic traditions it was said that the dead returned home at the end of summer and the beginning of winter and needed to be guided with candles and fires, which lives on in modern custom. I can wonder sometimes if it is the dead who need to be guided with fires or if it is they who need to guide us.

Now feels like a great time to give thanks for what has been and perhaps stop for a moment to see what fantastic moments we have been allowed. Both during this season and with those who have left us in mortal life. Perhaps also time to reflect on our own life and what we wish for with it. What do I want to have experienced? What is important to me? What speeches do I want to be given on the day I leave?

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