Here you will find lots of tips and ideas how you can use crystals and jewelry to attract, share or create more love in your life.

Start with yourself. Do a Crystal Healing for love

You need 7 rose quartz crystals and two hematite stones. One tip is to use the fantastic rose quarter hearts, or the plates that say LOVE. Both the hearts and the text reinforce the message of love to yourself.

prepare yourself

Turn off your phone for incoming calls and set a timer with a nice end signal. Decide how long you will do your entire healing. 40-60 minutes is enough. Then you have time to relax properly.

Cleanse your aura with sage incense and put on music that suits you. You can look for Kristallrummet's playlists on Spotify if you want inspiration.

It is good, for example, to do something physical before you do a crystal healing. It's easier to relax then. Try not to go straight from the computer or a work meeting to your crystal healing session with yourself. You can, for example, dance, do yoga, jog, do a deep breathing exercise or take a warm bath beforehand. About 15 minutes of activity is enough for the body's energy to start.

Meanwhile, place your rose quartz crystals in hot water. Do not pour boiling water directly on the crystals! They can crack then without taking gradually heated water directly from the tap and then you can pour some boiling hot water in, a little at a time. The crystals retain heat for a while.

Lie down in a nice and quiet place

Feel free to lie naked in bed. Take the crystals one by one and first place the two hematites close to the balls of your feet/ankles so that you feel the warmth of the crystals, then place a rose quartz at your first chakra, right at the tailbone. You will lie on that crystal. Next, place the rose quarter crystals on the skin of the second chakra and up. Pull your blanket over you and the crystals lie still. Place the last crystal on the pillow above your head.

Enjoy and relax.

Focus on one chakra at a time and use your breath at the beginning to deepen the connection with each chakra. Relax, can away and enjoy.

Rose quartz - the crystal of love

Rose quartz is the crystal that most people think of when it comes to love. Rose quartz gives energy to intimacy, vulnerability, nurturing and self-love. Aventurine, emerald, jade and the other green stones are crystals for harmony and balance, for the heart chakra and inner peace. It is also love. We often think of love as something we give, but it's just as important to let love be something we are.

Celebrate your partner, romance, passion and love

Do you remember when you were newly in love? How did you meet? Do you remember how the passion and desire flowed through the body? How can you rekindle your passion and surprise your partner and make something wonderful out of Valentine's Day, February 14?

It can be the love of a partner, your children, yourself, life, the world, your dog, your work, your friends... the list goes on and on. The important thing is that you are present to the love within yourself. There is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to think, say and you don't even need to be in any particular way. Your heart is unique and love is only there if you dare and give yourself the opportunity.

We can never have too much love and after all we can never have too much unconditional love! Valentine's Day is a day of romance, passion and courtship. Take the chance to give yourself and your loved one an experience.

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Renew trust and intimacy
You can use Valentine's Day to renew your relationship and find your way back to each other (how often do we not have to do that?). Give your partner a crystal ring, or give it to each other to renew your trust and intimacy. Just set your unique intention!

Manifest in more love
You who dream and long for love, what should you do?
Maybe you can let the Saint Valentine come to you in the dream and give you hope to find the right one? Try putting some stones under your pillow when you sleep.

Stones for love and attraction are garnet, ruby, moonstone, agate, carnelian and rhodonite . Agate is the stone for love magic... if you want to attract someone to you! You can also make use of a love blessing with our intention bags with magic stones for love.

Celebrate love on Valentine's Day

Whether you are single and celebrating love for yourself or have a friend, a partner you love or someone close to you. This is how you can celebrate love on Valentine's Day on February 14! Love is not just infatuation…it is so much more. Let's celebrate love in all its forms.

We can never have too much love and after all we can never have too much unconditional love! St Valentine's Day is the day of romance, passion and courtship. Take advantage of the opportunity Valentine's Day and give yourself and your loved one a piece of love jewelry. You can use Valentine's Day to renewing your relationship and finding your way back to each other (how often do we not have to do that?). Renew your trust and intimacy or celebrate what you have and what you have achieved! Celebrate love on Valentine's Day, take a day off!

You who dream and long for love, tips from the Crystal Room!

Try putting some rocks under your pillow when you sleep and manifest self-love. We have ready-made intention necklaces, bracelets and intention bags with crystals, already created for love & romance!

Dress up with grenades! it attracts all sorts of things into your life so be careful what you want to manifest. If you want to break patterns, you should formulate for yourself, preferably write down exactly what you long for and then create an intention or affirmation that contains everything you want. An affirmation should always be positive and make you feel as if everything you dream about has already happened.

Set an intention with the help of crystals!

You can use sage to cleanse your stones and jewelry, set an intention and attract more love into your life. Stones for love and attraction are Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ruby, Moonstone, Carnelian and Rhodonite. Agate is the stone for love magic, if you want to attract someone to you! You can also enhance the love on Valentine's Day with one of the most classic of symbols, the heart!

To decorate your home with love on Valentine's Day

You can create a ceremony for Valentine's Day in your home. Bring out the things that you feel inspire love. Cleanse the atmosphere with your favorite incense and place the stones that you feel give you the right energy. Valentine's Day can mean a lot of stress and pressure for many of us, transform this with the help of mindfulness or why not a crystal meditation? Self-love is for us the most important form of love. From this love all other love blossoms. Celebrate St Valentine's Day exactly as you want, listen to yourself and your gut and everything else will fall into place!

Build a crystal dome with pink crystals

It's also a great thing to do around the bed if you want to surprise your partner with a little extra love on Valentine's Day. You need 6 raw rose quartz and a larger one that you keep or put under the bed. You can also advantageously use pink crystal tips that you combine with possibly tumbled stones. Lay out the stones like a big star of david either if you want to do a meditation you lay it out with yourself in the middle. If you want to create a love sentence in a room or around a bed, lay out the star of David so that it is as large as possible.

Stories and tips from our dear customers

Pet the cat with a rose quartz! We were told that cats really like being petted with a rose quartz. A happy mother came into the store and told me that her child wanted the cat to get some love too. So she simply patted the cat with a rose quartz. And yes, the cat appreciated it. Test! 💖
A happy man entered the shop on Hökens gata. He had just found out that he and his wife were expecting a baby! For the first time. Giddy and happy, he wanted to give her something. What goes better than a love bracelet? He felt that the combination of pink and green, vulnerability and protection was the finest thing he could give her to wear. 💞
Can you buy a Valentine's Day gift for your colleagues? Of course, this lovely customer who wanted to give his company board a gift on Valentine's Day thought it was a little extra thank you for their work. The board consisted of seven women so he simply bought seven large rose quartz hearts. So lovely with love at work outside the "box" and far away from sexual harassment❣️
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