Rose quartz, aquamarine, pearls and mother of pearl for a life together in love!

Inspire love and a joyful togetherness between the people who form a partnership.

Those who get married have said yes to a joint adventure in life. Help them bring you the right tools on that journey, tools for lifelong love. We believe that the ability to express and communicate from their feelings, care and concern for each other and to keep the heart open and never fail to love yourself no matter what are important cornerstones.

We have fantastic gifts for just that, where we let rose quartz, aquamarine and mother of pearl take their place! The vibration of rose quartz is trust, acceptance and self-love. Aquamarine is said to bring luck in marriage and helps you communicate your feelings with clarity and courage!

If you are going to give something to the future couple's altar for a good relationship, always choose two of it. You can read more about how to create energy for love and good relationships on our pages on Feng Shui

Gifts for the bride and groom should be something that strengthens their love, something they can go back to and draw strength from when the love doesn't burn as strong and the problems take over. Then the ceremonies around crystals and incense, the ability to stay in the moment and absorb the vibrations of love, is what moves the relationship forward.

You know that a pearl necklace is a must for all brides? There are many who marry under the sign of Cancer - around midsummer and in the summer heat. Cancer is ruled by sensitivity and motherhood and pearls are a power talisman for Cancers and also the month stone of June. Read more about pearls and mother-of-pearl here .

A pendant, a ring, a candle lantern or a gift bag - for the loving couple to wear or keep at home to be constantly reminded of the love and community they create together.

And even if you love each other, you can't always be together and share everything. We embrace what life gives us in love, then it will be good.

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