Rose quartz, aquamarine, pearls and mother of pearl for a life together in love!

Inspire love and a joyful togetherness between the people who form a partnership.

We have fantastic gifts for just that, where we let rose quartz, aquamarine and mother of pearl take their place! The vibration of rose quartz is trust, acceptance and self-love. Aquamarine is said to bring luck in marriage and helps you communicate your feelings with clarity and courage!

You know that a pearl necklace is a must for all brides? There are many who marry under the sign of Cancer - around midsummer and in the summer heat. Cancer is ruled by sensitivity and motherhood and pearls are a power talisman for Cancers and also the month stone of June. Read more about pearls and mother-of-pearl here .

A pendant, a ring, a candlestick or a gift bag - for the loving couple to wear or keep at home to be constantly reminded of the love and community they created.

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