Cornelia Webb Jewellery

Cornelia Webb Jewellery

Exclusive Jewelery with Scandinavian design

Cornelia Webb's cool, personal and present jewelery series have quickly become some of our favorites at the Kristallrummet.

It's great fun to be able to present well-designed Swedish jewelry with stones that want to celebrate and honor meditation, the body and personal growth. Cornelia's jewelry gives us a sensual feeling and perhaps not only arouses the desire to buy, but also a feeling that life and strength are returning.

We are human beings, we are part of nature and the entire universe. It is magic and we are magic.

Playing with the definition of skin versus metal, organic raw versus polished, masculine versus feminine. In today's technology-obsessed times, Cornelia Webb lifts semi-precious stones as a natural step to reconnect us with the forces of nature. In the balance between these polarities, where futuristic elements connect with prehistoric energy, jewelry is created that seamlessly blends with the wearer.

In our ambition to be as climate neutral as possible, Cornelia Webb includes recycled metals in the collections, as well as waste materials from Swedish quarrying, bioresin and ecologically produced jewelery boxes.

Warranty: 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects on all Cornelia Webb jewelry. No warranty applies to everyday wear and tear.

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