Fathers Day

A special day to celebrate the one you call dad

Whether you have a biological father or not, you may have a person who has played that role in your life. A person who has been a security, given love and advice. Someone you want to show a little extra appreciation to simply. Father's Day is a perfect time to stop and give thanks for the love!

There is much to heal for many in relation to both father and mother, but of course in their own special ways. It can also feel difficult to give something to someone who gave you life, and so much more. Therefore, perhaps the gift can be a confession of gratitude for what you have received and learned from your father figure. A stone with a message and a card with a list of gratitude feels perfect. Here comes my list...

“Dad, I'm so thankful that you
- Has shown me what discipline and work ethic are, I do what is best for me regardless of how I feel at the moment.
- That you supported me incredibly devotedly, so that I could focus on my dreams and goals.

- That I got to go along to all your jobs and errands as a little mascot, I loved being able to draw on the whiteboard and see all the pliers and hoses in all the workshops. It has shaped me a lot and made me fearless of new environments and daring to get dirty. Both figuratively and literally."

And with this, I think it will be perfect with a rock crystal tip on a leather strap for him to get clarity for his next step in life!

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