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Good advice & Lucky symbols

The Laughing Buddha Bestows luck and prosperity. Maitreya Buddha, the Buddha to come, is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and innocent joy. It is said that the Buddha's large belly is a sign of material prosperity and success. By patting his belly, you strengthen these qualities in your own life. It should bring you happiness in life. It is good to invite Maitreya Buddha into one's new home. He shares his good chi power which brings both happiness and success. The Laughing Buddha can be placed anywhere in the home where you want to enhance positive chi.

The dragon is a symbol of strength, goodness, courage and endurance. He is Yang, active male energy. Safety and security are his hallmarks, but change is also part of his nature. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is the predestined partner of the Phoenix Bird, which symbolizes yin, the feminine. In Feng Shui, one wants to capture the chi (positive life force) found in the dragon's breath.

Amitabha The Buddha of infinite light, is associated with paradise, the primordial realm, our origin or source. Believing in or having trust in Amitabah Buddha is said to bring calmness, inner peace and fulfillment in life. In Feng Shui, Amitabha is used to restore or balance weak chi power.

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Kuan Kung is the famous defender. He is known as the warrior; protector of the family and the business world. In this way, he has become a symbol of prosperity and success. Place Kuan Kung in front of all frequently used entrances, but do not place him on the floor. He should be placed in the entrance or hall so that he faces the entrance to be able to protect the home against negative energy, evil spirits and demons.

Three-legged frog, Money frog The Chinese see frogs and toads as lucky charms. The three-legged frog or toad with a coin in its mouth characterizes the coming of prosperity, wealth and success. The frog is also associated with a long life. It should be placed near the entrance, on the floor so that it is seen that it is entering the house with prosperity. You can also place it anywhere in the dining room or in the living room, but don't face the front door because then the luck will jump out. The money must always be where the mouth is.

Quan Yin The female Buddha Quan Yin is said to assist in healing and therapy. She cleanses the atmosphere of a room from heavy or negative influences (such as quarrels, illness and disturbing or unpleasant forces). Quan Yin is the eternal protector of children and she represents compassion and unconditional love. Place her in a place in the home where you can easily see her and can appreciate and absorb her qualities.


Bird Phoenix represents yin, the feminine energy. The phoenix has the head of a rooster, the back of a swallow, eyes like the sun, beak like the moon, wings like the wind, tail like the trees, and feet like the earth. She brings happiness and peace. The Phoenix bird is also found in Greek and Egyptian mythology. There it burns up when it has become old and from the ashes it is reborn every five hundred years. It is a symbol of transformation of our consciousness from survival to love.

Mandarin ducks A couple, a female and a male spirit, symbolizing conjugal romance and happiness in love. Always placed together in the southwest. Activate the romance with the help of mandarin ducks in pairs. Place them in the southwest corner of the bedroom, it brings romance and luck.

Turtle with dragon head The turtle symbolizes long life. The dragon represents courage, strength, change and endurance. The turtle is the only natural animal that contains equal parts of Yin and Yang. The dorsal shield symbolizes the firmament, the belly shield the earth and the body which can expand and contract symbolizes man. The turtle is on Chinese coins which represents prosperity. Together they form a powerful symbol of a long dynamic life of happiness and prosperity.

Chinese coins Tie three coins in a straight line with the yang side up. Hang or place it in the SOUTHEAST. Take a red silk ribbon or string and thread it in and out between the three coins so that they line up with Yang facing up.

The Temple Lion in pairs symbolize defense and protection. The lion also stands for strength and courage. A male and a female temple lion stand on each side, guarding entrances and portals.

Wind chime l has the best effect if it is hung in the Northwest (helpful people) or in unfavorable corners. The wind chimes sound beautiful and attract harmony. The pinging sound makes "Chi" benevolent and auspicious. Wind chimes should have hollow staves as this helps the "Chi" to flow and preferably six or eight staves to enhance luck. Have a wind chime at the entrance and one at the balcony door. Then there will be no break-ins because it pings.

Precious stones and crystals Increases energy.

Prism mother Changes negative energy flow. Hang them in the window.

Mini fountains Placed in the north or south-east corner indoors or in the garden for financial prosperity.

The turtle Considered to bring protection, great luck and success to the owner.

Fishes Always brings luck.

Rose quartz Place two pieces of rose quartz in the relationship corner for increased romance and love.

Bamboo flutes Always use two on beams indoors that prevent a harmonious "Chi" flow.

A good advice Always close the toilet lid!

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