Feng Shui - Wind and Water

Feng Shui - Wind and Water

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese word for wind and water. It is a several-thousand-year-old Chinese teaching and method about how we should decorate our homes and workplaces in order to thrive in life, be creative and experience harmony.

Feng Shui stands for energy, movement and flow. Feng Shui is not a science but a philosophy of the flow of the Chi force, the life force.

Feng Shui is the teaching of how to place furniture and objects in a room to balance energy and bring harmony. Feng Shui is the art of decorating in the right way so that the life-giving energy "Chi" can increase. Feng Shui is also what we think is beautiful. The basic principle of Feng Shui.

Start by cleaning up thoroughly everywhere. Give away, throw away or sell what you don't use. You will feel liberated. You have a relationship with everything you own and that takes energy. Keep only those items that serve a function or that you are very attached to.

Before making any changes to your environment, clear everything thoroughly first. Old things not only collect dust but also block energy.


Ba-gua (can also be pronounced Pa-kua) is divided into eight direction-related fields and a middle field. Each field represents a part of your life. Ba-guan can be laid over (used for) the whole home or individual rooms. You use a compass to take out the cardinal points and then you place the ba-guan according to them.


1. North

Career and life path.

Color: Black and blue. Element: Water

In the north, it is good to place an aquarium, a fountain or pictures with moving water. You can also hang a personal treasure map here or pictures of things that represent what you want to do in your life. If you don't know what you want in life, depictions of roads or historical maps can help. The colors black and blue and also mirrors, glass and crystals are used to nourish the energy in the north. Feel free to put a green plant in this career field. It gives your career an energy boost. Warning for wilted plants and leaves and plants with pointed leaves or thorns. Cacti are the worst.

2. Southwest

Relationships and marriage.

Color: Pink, yellow, brown and beige. Element: Earth.

Hang a picture of a couple, a picture of two flowers or memories of a life together in the Southwest. A happy picture of you and your partner, two rose quartz hearts, a pair of mandarin ducks or twin candlesticks are good here. Buy two vases instead of one and place them next to each other. Get pictures of happy couples and put them in your love area. Amplify the energy with the help of plants or a prism suspended in the window. You can put two pink decorative pillows on the bed or place a pair of yellow chairs facing each other in the southwest. Remember to always have two of everything, a pair, in this direction. Citrine and rose quartz (always two of each) are good in your love, relationship and marriage corner.

3. East

Family and health.

Color: Green and brown. Element: Wood.
In your family and health area, it is appropriate to place family photos and keepsakes. Tall green plants and tall furniture, green objects, artwork depicting forest landscapes and green meadows are appropriate and give good energy here. Fresh cut flowers, wooden objects, preferably fabrics with floral patterns and floral wallpaper should be in the east.

4. Southeast

Wealth and prosperity.

Color: Green. Element: Wood.
In the southeast, it is good to hang mobiles and place Chinese sculptures, preferably the three-legged frog. Fresh budding plants or images of plants energize your prosperity area. A good location in the southeast is a Penninga flower also called the Tree of Life. Here you can also place an indoor fountain or hang pictures of water in motion. Activate the welfare corner in your living room. Fill it with energy by placing rock crystal that symbolizes water, a bubbling aquarium or you can put some symbolic bills in this direction

5. The middle

The health.

Color: Yellow. Element: Earth.
This position is particularly significant for your health. Keep it clean and tidy and free of unnecessary clutter. Ceramics are good and yellow jasper energizes your health.

6. Northwest

Helpful people, teachers and creativity.

Color: Grey, white, metal, silver and gold. Element: Metal.
In the Northwest, happy photos of yourself with friends are fine. Telephone and address book are suitable, plants, lighting, round bowls and metal objects are good here. A metal picture frame gives the right energy in the northwest, especially a picture with angels. The field is symbolized by jewellery, precious stones, crystals and legends and myths. Photos of people who have helped you along the way in your life or photos of special places you have traveled or want to travel to can be in this direction. Prisms increase energy - hang a prism or metal pipe wind chime in the northwest.

7. West

Creativity, children and joy.

Color: White and metal. Element: Metal.
In the creativity area, you should have board games, photographs, trinkets, something white or something in metal. Feel free to place objects with round shapes here. Posters, paintings, collages, photos and figures made by children hang in the west. In the west, things that you use to create also fit - brushes, sewing machine, paper ... The creativity area is a great place to set up your "treasure map". A "tax map" is i.a. an image of something that we want manifested in our life. A new car, a better job, a trip, greater peace of mind... Post a smiling photo of yourself along with the "treasure map" in your joy zone.

8. Northeast

Wisdom, knowledge and studies.

Color: Blue. Element: Earth.
In the northeast, vases and heavy furniture such as chests and cupboards are good. Books and art are also suitable and the area is ideal for reading and meditation. You can also have bright and inspiring art in shades of red. You should have stones such as rock crystal, lapis lazuli, sodalite and amethyst in your wisdom area.

9. South

Fame and success.

Color: Red, orange and purple. Element: Fire
In the area of ​​success, candles, sculptures, poetry are good. Ceremonies and rituals fit here. Paintings by the great masters and classical music. You should place valuables and sacred objects, trophies and prizes in the south. Diplomas, awards and proof of what you were noticed for. Pictures of people you admire and candlelight, preferably sunlight, you should have for your success. Notes, affirmations and sayings derived from fame and notoriety enhance the energy in this area.

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