Happy Birthday!

After 365 days, the sun is now back in your sun sign! In English this is called "solar return", the return of the sun!

To truly celebrate a solar return, you need to do the work of understanding what it is you want. This is a question of joy, so treat it with joy! It is not every day that one's own desires come into focus.

The magic of a solar return is that you are encouraged to purge and actively do something for yourself. Make your wishes clear to yourself, you can create a ritual that shows the universe exactly what you want in the coming year.

Treat the things you do on the day of your solar return symbolically. Remember, this is a day of manifestation! If you want to rest more next year, take a nap. If you want to make more money, ask to be paid on your birthday. If you want more fun, eat and drink extra good!

Having a birthday can be a stressor. You're getting a year older, on paper, but it's really just another day in the world. Maybe you should host your friends or family and be at your best. But sometimes you're overworked, you don't have time and you really don't feel like making an effort or being the center of the party.

There is a lot of social pressure and social anxiety during birthdays. It's hard to celebrate when you may not be feeling your best.

The return of the sun is really all about you and what you want. It's not about other people and it's not about loosening up being happy. Your birthday is a perfect opportunity to find the courage and will to set a grand intention for the coming year.

Your creativity makes your desires clear. Replant a plant if you are thinking of moving. Have an orgasm if you want more pleasure. Burn sage if you want to burn away negativity. Book a photo shoot for yourself if you want to remember how hot you are. You can do whatever you want on your birthday.

I firmly believe that spending some birthdays alone, especially if you are trying to gain more control over your own time and boundaries, is beneficial. I also strongly believe in spending your birthday with people who energize you instead of draining you.

There's no right way to spend your solar return, which means you don't have to spend it in a bar and you don't have to have an expensive party. If you don't want it yourself! Do only what makes you feel good. This is a perfect day to be completely "selfish".

Enjoy and enjoy big!
Many congratulations on your day from the Crystal Room!

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