Gold and silver bracelet

Gold bracelets and silver bracelets, bracelets with gold or silver details

Gold bracelet
Bracelets with gold-plated details or gold-plated silver together with amber and other precious stones. Now that it is possible to make good and durable gold-plated surfaces on silver, gold is an increasingly popular metal along with crystals and stones.
Silver bracelet
You will find both simple, tough or more romantic shapes among the silver bracelets in our range.
The silver bracelets can be pure silver with decorative or well-designed details, but many of the Crystal Room's silver bracelets have stones or pearls along with the silver. Here you will find silver bracelets with faceted stones, cabochon-cut stones, pearls or irregularly shaped stones. The majority of Kristallrummet's silver bracelets are made of sterling silver 925.

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