March 8 - All Women's Day & International Women's Day


Women's Day for equality and women's rights has emerged during the early 20th century. In Sweden, all women got the right to vote in 1921. Before that, it was the woman's husband, father or close relative who was legally responsible for the woman! It is hard to understand that it is only 100 years ago that half the population could not make decisions about themselves, their future, their children or their work. To stand up for women is to stand up for the good values ​​in life.

The United Nations passed a resolution in 1977 recommending that the entire world celebrate an International Women's Day. But Women's Day has its roots in an ancient tradition, long before our era, to celebrate the return of the Goddess; that spring, flowers, fertility and power rise again from the dead and give us joy and love again, after a cold and difficult winter.

So we celebrate not only women's equality and rights but also the goddess that lives in all of us. Life itself.

Regardless of the reasons or traditions you celebrate on March 8. Celebrate with us! Celebrate the Goddess in yourself or someone you love with a beautiful piece of jewelry or a crystal that helps us remember the power we are and what we mean to each other.

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