Crystal net


A good and nice way to manifest, or just decorate your home, is to lay crystal grids. Placing your crystals and stones in crystal nets is both inspiring, calming and beautiful. Adding flowers and leaves, or anything else you like, enhances your crystal grid.

You can choose between freehand laying that you yourself feel will be nice, or use an image of, for example, the Flower of Life, or another beautiful mandala or a sacred geometric symbol that you like, as a template under your net. There are many sacred geometry figures to choose from.

Start by taking out the stones you want to use. Cleanse yourself, the place and the stones you want to use with sage or any other incense. Take a few deep calming breaths. If you have an intention or wish you want to lay the crystal grid for, think about it. Write it down on a small note that you can then hold to your heart. Fold the note and place it under the stone, preferably an egg, a ball, a tower or an upward pointed point, which you place in the center of the crystal grid. Spikes are strong as they radiate their energy upwards and thus give your intention extra boost up and out into the universe. Eggs and balls are strong symbols of renewal and also carry a gathering energy for the Crystal Grid.

Then place your stones around the center stone in a beautiful pattern. How many stones you use may depend on the intention or the space you have available. The important thing is that you feel that your crystal net will be nice and good.

Once you've laid out your crystal grid, it's a good idea to activate it with a rock crystal tip. Begin by pointing the tip of the center stone. Then you point to the other stones one by one. Look at the respective picture for our crystal nets how you can activate them. Feel free to think about your intention while activating your crystal grid.

Good luck!

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