Flower of Life - Flower of Life

Flower of life

The flower of life, also called Flower and life, is a symbol for the entire universe. It is said to be excellent for healing and it helps you connect to your higher self. The shape of the Flower of Life consists of 13 spheres that obey mathematical and geometrical laws. These laws are said to constitute the entire universe.

Flower of life as a gift

Giving the Flower of Life to someone is like giving them the entire universe in a piece of jewelry. The flower of life is found in many major religions of the world. In the Egypt of the Pharaohs, in the ancient temples of Abydos, in Israel in old synagogues, in Galilee and in Mesada. It is said that people have experienced positive changes after wearing this pendant. They have experienced prophetic dreams, ability to see reality for what it is, letting go of their illusions and freedom from deep-seated fears. The Flower of Life is one of the strongest sacred geometric shapes in the world!

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