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Tree of Life

The tree of life has been used as a symbol since time immemorial within several religions, countries and mythologies. The tree of life stands for eternity, wisdom, happiness, reconciliation, the soul, heaven, earth, strength, love, beauty, life and fertility to name a few. Some believe that the trees are the earth's attempt to connect with the divine through the branches that reach up to the sky. The center of the tree symbolizes the human soul and the roots symbolize how we are rooted here on earth and have contact with heaven via the branches. The tree of life symbolizes strength through its roots to withstand life's adversities through storms and strong winds, she remains strong and grounded in her place. She is beautiful as beauty itself and shows that she is a source of comfort, strength, power, courage and love. Fertility through the fruits that grow among her leaves on the branches. She is wise because she has been here since time immemorial and where all life originates, the knowledge of good and evil and the knowledge that life means constant change and cycles and that by shedding its leaves in the fall, she lets go of what no longer helps her to grow and gives new place for new moisture to grow on her branches.

The tree of life is a significant symbol

The symbol refers to the idea of ​​axis mundi, the axis of the earth or the center of the world. In religions and myths it is about the center from which all life proceeds and to which all life returns; it is where heaven and earth meet. The roots that connect the tree to the earth and anchor us, the trunk that symbolizes our soul and then the tree branches/crown that symbolize the heavenly and how we connect with the divine. The roots also symbolize the underworld as they go deep underground.

The tree of life also symbolizes mother earth and how she stands for eternal life and where all life originates from. It is also a reminder through the changes of the tree through the seasons, how our life goes in our own cycles of life, suffering and death and new life. The roots symbolize the anchoring we humans need and the stability to the earth and our lives, while the branches and leaves reach out into the world and show our need for each other and to find connection with both each other, the soul and the divine.

Since the Tree of Life symbolizes eternal life, wisdom, fertility, strength, love and beauty to name a few, many people want to wear the symbol. The tree is very beautiful and has a nice connection to nature. The old-growth forest and nature around our entire planet that needs to be preserved and taken care of. Tree of life jewelry like the pendants you see in the pictures will be a nice reminder of our beautiful planet and mother earth. Protecting nature and animals, protecting our life. Some wear jewelry because they feel grounded in imagining a tree with its roots in the earth but its mind and soul up towards the sky and the world. Carrying the Tree of Life is a symbol of life and how we are all connected. Just as the roots and leaves of the tree relate to all life on earth, we are part of that life.

The tree of life in the religions

In Christianity, the tree of life appears as the tree of knowledge in the garden of the oath. In the Book of Genesis, the Tree of Life appears as the tree whose fruit gives eternal life. The tree of life is also compared to the cross on which Jesus was crucified, and it is said that the cross was made of parts of the same kind of wood as from the tree of life and in stories it was said that Jesus was crucified in the same place where the seed of the tree of life took root in paradise. In Buddhism, the Tree of Life occurs when the Buddha received his enlightenment under the sacred Bhodi tree.

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