Celebrate Midsummer!

Midsummer, our brightest days of the whole year. Then the twilight light lasts through the night and it's time for magic and love.

The crystals and stones can really add magic to your life.

On the brightest day of the year, we are close to gratitude, our inner light and positive magic. All nature sings the praises of love. How can we tune into it, let go of our little world of problems and negativity and take advantage of the bright forces?

Program your crystal with gratitude and light

Choose a rock crystal that you really like, purify it either by putting it in salt water for 24 hours or "bathing" it in sage smoke. As you do this, it is good if you visualize negativity and heavy energy leaving the crystal.

Write down a list of everything you are grateful for. Feel how gratitude fills you and your aura. Feel how the experience of gratitude is connected with the experience of light and peace. Step into that feeling. Every time the mind wants to say something else, you catch yourself (as if the light is playing tricks on you and you need to catch it again and again). Practice holding these bright feelings in your mind.

When you have finished cleansing your crystal, hold it in your hand or both hands depending on what is comfortable for you, and sit up relaxed and with a straight back.

Set a timer or an alarm clock for 10-15 minutes. Close your eyes, feel the crystal against your skin, hand and fingers. Make contact with the crystal.

Now go back to the feeling of gratitude and light and let that feeling flow into the crystal. Fill the crystal with this vibration until your alarm bell rings.

Put the crystal down in a special place and leave it there, perhaps in a pretty bag for protection. Now you have created a "Light and Gratitude Medicine". Here you can fill up on positive energy when you need it.

Make a candle ritual with selenite and rock crystal

A beautiful way to create good energy on Midsummer Night is to make a crystal net or a crystal mandala for the light. Then you use selenite and rock crystal in a harmonious pattern and add the crystals, stones or flowers, for example, that you feel boost your contact with the light and higher energies. Trust your gut and place the stones where you feel they should be. You can have the mandala at home on a special plastic. It will continue to give you light energy and support you through difficult passages in life. A place to refuel candles. You can also meditate on the crystal mandala you created. Then sit quietly and watch the crystals and let your thoughts come and go. Take a deep breath every now and then and let go of both pleasant and unpleasant feelings.

Say hello to recovery!

Now summer is finally here and with a message! Midsummer , heat wave and holidays that have started. And after a special spring to say the least, this is a perfect time to relax, gather new strength and fill up with wonderful energy!
Enjoy the sun's rays, warmth and beautiful warm summer evenings!

Taking care of the peace

To take care of the calm, the harmony, to land. During the summer, it can easily become a matter of performance. There's a lot to catch up on, places to go and hours of sunshine to take advantage of.
But how would it be if we also took time during the holiday and actually listened more inwardly? Took care of both body and mind on a deeper level.
To treat yourself to quiet nice moments. Create a harmonious morning or evening routine, meditate, start the day with a nice stretch, or why not start writing down feelings and wonderful memories in a nice diary?
To really take care of yourself, inside and out. This has become more important than ever. And we need to prioritize and value that time for ourselves.
Give yourself a great massage, create a great playlist with your favorite songs, dance, take the opportunity to enjoy! Breathe in every little ounce of pleasure!

And save those beautiful moments in your memory and heart!

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