Morning Star Incense from Japan

Japanese incense, Morning Star

Japanese incense - the finest in the world

Almost half of all incense sold in Japan comes from the company Nippon Kodo. They manufacture one of the finest and most exclusive incense in the world, and since the 1960s have been behind the popular 'Morning Star' incense series. Nippon Kodo's history goes all the way back to 1575, bringing with them over 400 years of experience in turning the best natural ingredients into exquisite and fragrant incense.

Japanese incense is not just incense

In Japan, incense is called 'Koh', and for more than 1400 years the Japanese have used Koh for spiritual practice and as a reminder of calmness and immersion in a busy everyday life. Koh is like the scent of flowers - it puts you in touch with the non-physical in existence. It cleanses body and mind and removes bad energies in a room. It brings peace to large gatherings, it brings attention during meditation and helps to experience the joy of being alone.

Meditative scents
Incense came to Japan via China, where Buddhism was part of a highly developed tradition around the use of scents in spiritual practice. This combination of Buddhism and incense reached Japan in the 6th century. Even then, people were good at receiving an impulse from outside and refining it. Over time, the culture of incense and the craftsmanship around it developed into the sublime. The Japanese incense is today the purest and finest in the whole world.

The purest raw materials.
In 2004, the Danish Environment Agency investigated the various incenses on the Danish market in a large report, and the Morning Star incense got the best results in all measurements.

50 sticks in a box. Length 13 cm. Burning time: approx. 25 min.

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