Navel Chakra Svadhisthana


Know yourself, meet others with your joy and desire

Respect yourself, your individuality and zest for life. Get in touch with your needs and your feelings.

Chakra 2, Navel Chakra, Svadhisthana

Supporting words: Svadisthana means "one's own place" and refers to the same point two cm below the navel that the Japanese see as the human center (Hara). Relationships, intimacy, centering, alertness, alertness, belonging, dependence, independence, sexuality, sensuality, desire, pleasure, "Wow", contact, you and me, shame, shock, closeness, boundary setting, knowing oneself, need, needing and needed are some of the key words of the second chakra.

Body part: 2 cm below the navel, the woman's "belly", lower back, ovaries, uterus, psoas muscle, the connection between the legs and upper body. Our ability to walk upright…

According to yoga, the hips are the center of the second chakra. The yoga positions that stretch and strengthen the hip and pelvic floor muscles and that attach to the hips strengthen the second chakra. Yoga practice for the second chakra can be the sun salutation where the "Cobra" is a part.

Exercise in pairs: Decide who will start. The one who starts lies down and puts his hands on his stomach, let warmth and security sink in, breathe into his stomach. The person sitting up supports and guides the person lying down to relax and be present in the stomach area. It can e.g. say: "Lie down so that you feel the heat from your hands sink into your stomach, feel yourself relax more and more. Let your mind soften and expand, continue to be present just as you are right now, let the awareness be focused, not strenuously focused but gently focused and allowing the belly. Don't judge what you feel, think or experience. Sink deeper and just feel your stomach and your second chakra.” Ask your partner lying down when she is relaxed and present, write down everything she says: How does it feel physically in the stomach? Warm/cold, colors, worried, calm, happy, harmonious...or whatever words fit the moment. Do you remember times when you have felt your second chakra more? Tell ... Let your loved ones come to you, one at a time, feel how they feel in your stomach area. Tell. Make room for this and ask a little in the pictures. This can be sensitive so move with respect and compassion. Read out the different words of support for the second chakra and feel how they fit for the person lying down. What else is there to look at in the body? Use the flashlight. When the exercise is finished... guide the person lying down to an increased presence in the room. Physical exercises: • rocking the hip • the bell • centering exercises • soft massage on the stomach Think about it: What is trust and balance in the second chakra? Is there an ideal state? If so, what does it look like?

Examples of stones for the second chakra:

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