About chakras


The name chakras denotes places on the body where physical and mental energy meet, or where the essence, the energy behind everything, gets a human, personal expression. You can see the energy of life, the kundalini energy, as something that is within us, that surrounds us and that shines and lives through us. In a prism, the light is refracted into all the colors of the rainbow. So life "refracts" or radiates through us and depending on how we "look" inside, the different colors or qualities come out in different ways. We can call the light or life energy the essence. Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency, that frequency correlates to a color, a sound, a scent, a wavelength and of course also crystals. There are a number of chakras along the spine but Vedic wisdom has placed emphasis on 7 chakras. Acupuncture uses many more energy points. You can see each chakra as a gate that the life energy, the kundalini force, needs to pass through on its journey up into the body. When the life energy has reached all the way up to the seventh chakra, the phenomenon that we call enlightenment or satori occurs. Kundalini power is the same energy as the energy in the sexual orgasm and can be experienced in many different ways. But for everyone, it is probably a great experience when kan comes in contact with his kundalini energy. You should be careful with yourself and make sure you are in safe and grounded circumstances if you want to work with your kundalini energy and your chakras.

Chakra balancing & chakra healing

By placing stones on a particular chakra or on all chakras on the body, you bring attention and subtle energy to that place. Chakra balancing can also dissolve blockages, helping you to allow your body to bring you deep healing and relaxation. The crystal room also has chakra yoga and chakra meditations in its course room at Hökens gata 6 and via ZOOM.

Here you will find all our Chakra jewelry

The crystal room has had jewelry with stones in the colors of the rainbow, or chakra stones as they also say, for 25 years. We also have other gift items for the different chakras. Chakra jewelry usually has a stone for each chakra, but there are also chakra jewelry that consists of stones for only one chakra. The chakra jewelry you find here is all selected, designed and/or manufactured by Kristallrummet.

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