About Feng Shui

From Marie Flodén, Feng Shui consultant

For me, life-affirming environments are a large and important piece of the well-being puzzle. To make use of beauty, power and joy in our daily life. I have chosen to work with Feng Shui with a Nordic focus.

This means that I pick up modern science and explanatory models from e.g. color psychology, electromagnetic radiation and adapt symbols to our culture when I give consultations.

Key words for living in a feng shui environment are for me space, light, air, natural materials, simplicity, structure and purity. To follow the changes of the seasons and the different stages of life in a steady flow.

"I received my basic education in feng shui through the Nordic School of Feng Shui. Other inspirers and meetings with amazing people have further developed me in feng shui; the China trip with Helen & James Jay, Elliot Tanzer, the unforgettable Holly Ziegler, Mary Dennis, Christan Hummel and Karen Kingston. I also want to mention Karl Ryberg with color psychology and Olle Johansson for his thought-provoking talk on electro-magnetic radiation."

Feng shui inspires to create harmonious environments on the outside in order to feel inner peace and harmony - "So without so within".

Create your own ceremony

If you feel like a new start in your life, whether it concerns work, health or love, here are some simple tips for a ceremony;

o Before you start, it is important to have a clean and clear intention with what you want to achieve. (Remember to always leave open that your own desire serves the highest good.)

o All feng shui actions begin with clearing and cleaning. Cleanse through incense or dried sage bundle. If you feel a stagnant feeling, you can activate it by clapping your hands or ringing bells.

o Only when we have cleaned out things we don't need or like, created order and structure, only then should we add stimuli that awaken the senses with the help of color, shape, scent and symbols. There is a saying in feng shui "adding feng shui measures before you have cleaned is like putting fresh cut flowers in old stale flower water".

o A nice gesture is to make an "altar" in a central place in the home or why not out in nature to draw nourishment and strength from. Symbols used may be personal but my belief is that there is some power in using sacred geometry and ancient symbols that have been worshiped by people for thousands of years.

Keep in mind that Feng Shui measures, like everything in life, are never static, final. Everything is in a constant transformation, change - just like the measures must be allowed to be in your home. Let your home reflect who you are today and where you are going.

Enjoy and Live well!


Feng Shui Bagua

The school of feng shui

Learn more about Feng Shui

Now you have the chance to raise the energy and increase the flow in your home and life with the help of our Feng Shui School.

A brief introduction;
Apply the bagua map over your home and work with the eight different aspects of life. There are two different ways to lay the bagua, according to the so-called compass school or form school. One set to put the bagua on is not more correct than the other. One way can support where the other doesn't work and if these coincide, the result is all the stronger. The most important thing is to have a strong intention when you use symbols and work with the different aspects of life. Have fun and play. If you are missing a bagua area, you can work with the symbols in a nearby area. The compass school places the aspects of life according to the directions of the compass (see the bagua map).
According to the form school, one starts from the main flow of energy into the home, i.e. the location of the front door, which is called The mouth of chi. The front door then ends up in Baguan's base of knowledge, self-knowledge, life path, career or support in life.

Area 1 North, Life Path and the career area is about finding your tone in life.

Often we may think about work and career.
Locate your Life Path and Career area in your home and start cleaning there. Remove what is not necessary and find practical places for what should be there. If you lack that area in your home, you can place symbols on, for example, the nearest wall.
Give yourself time to think about what your career or life path means to you. You can make a map, a collage or draw a picture that symbolizes what you wish for or want to achieve in your life. Choose any symbol that balances or enhances the energy in this area of ​​your home.

Color; really dark shades of color – black and dark blue
Form; the irregular shape, drapes
Materials: water, reflective surfaces, glass
Motive; nature pictures with winding paths and roads, motifs with water

Love and relationships. Feng Shui school part 2.

Area love/relationships
Reinforce the area when you want to meet a new partner or strengthen an existing relationship.
Look over the area of ​​your home and make sure you have a soft friendly atmosphere. Avoid, for example, thorny plants - rather choose plants with soft round leaves. Is there room on the hangers in the hall for your guests' clothes? Have you furnished the social room for a relationship with the TV or do you choose a round seating area for getting together?
Are you looking for a new partner? Make room for a new relationship by emptying one of the bedside tables, the bathroom shelf and the wardrobe.
Choose suitable symbols according to the function of the room where the area of ​​love/relationships ends up in your home; happy couple pictures or pictures of your friends, things in pairs. Decorate with a color scheme in white, the healing unconditional pink color or the red color of passion.
Family & Health Feng Shui school part 3.
Strengthen the area when you want to strengthen your own health and strengthen family ties.

Autumn begins to remind itself and with it follows the quiet introspection of the metal element. Strengthen your own health by preparing a nice place for silence and daily meditation. Make sure you can sit in a so-called power position with a stable back support by a wall, support at the sides and a clear view ahead with an overview of the room and doorways. It gives you the opportunity to relax properly and get renewed strength.
Gather the family for a cozy autumn dinner. How wonderful to once again light candles at the dinner table and sit around the gathering energy of the fire. Strengthen the area with art and symbols that give you power, strength, vitality and health. Healthy well-grown plants, fruit platters, books, happy family photos and heirlooms.
Color; green, medium blue
Form; columns, stripes
Material; wood, fabrics
Motive; flowers, lush landscapes and gardens.

Wealth! Feng Shui school area 4.

Strengthen the area when you want to be rich in all the good things in life.
Activate the energy with wind chimes or a water arrangement. Make sure to always direct the flow towards the home so that the "wealth" does not flow out of the home. Likewise if, for example, you have art of any kind with a direction, a flow - always towards the home.

According to feng shui, chi seeks out flowing water and out of the home's larger openings such as drains - for that reason, a floor plan with WC in area 4 is a challenge from a feng shui perspective and should be balanced up with the so-called earth and wood element.
An important measure is to keep the toilet lid down. Also keep the door closed and feel free to put some stones around the floor drain or in the sink.
Large well-grown green plants can do well in the area, for example a Money tree.

Symbolically, you can have objects in front of you that remind you of how privileged you are and strengthen your dreams to what you want to achieve; a really nice olive oil in the kitchen, wonderfully thick and soft towels for the bathroom, everything that sparkles and feels luxurious, piggy bank, make a collage that becomes your own personal wealth chart. Feel free to use a color scale of blue, purple and red.

Thoughtfulness is important - feeling true wealth is not about money.
Take a moment every day and write down or think about everything that you have today and are grateful for!

Health, Peace and Balance. Feng Shui school area 5.

Activate the area regarding your health, come to peace of mind in peace & balance
Area 5 is the heart of the home, the center. By creating balance in the life aspects in the outer areas of the baguan, balance is created in area 5. You can also see it the other way around - if you have found peace of mind of peace & balance, you are better equipped if the outer life aspects are in swing. Area 5 is an excellent area for an altar. If possible, let it be an open space free of clutter - the energy should be able to circulate.
The center of the baguan is a very important area, the yin & yang symbol is often depicted here - tai chi. The extremes – the opposites that together create balance.
Area 5 and the element earth is characterized by;
Open empty spaces.
Yellow and earth tones.
Ceramics, bricks and earth.
Heavy, stable and low objects.
Rectangular and square shapes.
Objects that capture extremes, the opposites of yin & yang.
Image motifs that fit in area 5 are desolate and empty landscapes.

Support in life & Helpful people - Feng Shui school Area 6

Strengthen the area when you feel the need for support and help on your life path.
Use symbols that strengthen you in your trust that you have support around you in everything from angels, goddesses or little people. Post photos of helpful friends, a beloved father or grandparent. Lay out a book to flip through where you find vitality and inspiration.

Are you planning to start a new project? Are you looking for a new home or a new job? Do you want to go out into the world and travel? By working with the area, you strengthen the confidence that you are in the right place at exactly the right time. That you "happen" to turn to a page in a book that speaks to you and your desires. That you "happen" to bump into a person who gives you a helping hand along the way. Write down a wish list of what you want to happen in your life!
Activate the area if you desire a stronger connection with your soul and the spiritual world.

Items that strengthen the area are:
Symbols with strong association to your faith.
Objects in grey, white and black.
Photos, collages of places you want to travel to. You might even be able to come across a stone polished by the sea...or fill a beautiful jar with sand from a sandy beach.
A beautiful bound guestbook for your friends.
A photo album.

Children and creativity - Feng Shui school area 7.

Enhance the area when you need to enhance your creativity and joy.
Let the inner child within you wake up!
This part of the baguan concerns all creation and what you bring to life. It is an excellent area to work with to bring your projects closer to completion.
Taking a break from work, letting go and losing yourself in creativity will help you find new angles and solutions to problems.
The crystal room has lots of different beads on wire with accessories for those of you who need to unleash your creativity and want to create jewelry!

Maybe you should put out a couple of juggling balls for spontaneity or the Crystal Room's "Singing Hearts".
Lose yourself for a moment in the wise thoughts of children in the quote book "God who loves the children, do you have any wool"...

Objects that strengthen the area are marked by
The white color and pastel
The oval, round shape
Material of metal
Motifs with children in sculptures, photos or paintings. Crafts made by the children, toys or your own projects.

Knowledge & self-awareness - Feng Shui school Area 8

Strengthen the area when you study and want to strengthen your own personal development.
The area is characterized by the energy of the mountain, which conveys calm, weight, solidity and stability. Decorate with objects that feel personal and create a peaceful existence. Whether you choose to place a wonderfully snug reading armchair, meditation cushion or let the lamp of diligence shine over your desk, the watchwords are introspection, meditation, inner guidance and studies.
The area is connected to area 2 (love & relationships). Anything that strengthens your self-awareness also strengthens your relationships externally.
Inspiration for Your bagua area 8

* Dark tones of blue, green or black
* Books, study material, diary, pictures and photos of mountains
* Play with words, proverbs, affirmations that feel personal to you. Paint with stencils directly on the wall or put small handwritten notes in a beautiful bowl.
Success - Feng Shui School Area 9
Reinforce the area when you want to be recognized for who you are/what you do.
The area is characterized by fire, your drive, your reputation and face.
What makes your inner light shine brightly in the universe?
Achieving greater success in life is also about being on the right path in life, so feel free to work in parallel with area 1 (life path).
Primarily enhance the area with daylight, lighting in all forms, lamps, fireplace or candles.
Inspiration for your bagua area 9

* Diplomas, awards, various recognitions you have received
* Things/photos/pictures with speed and fan, people or animals
* Everything from the animal kingdom; fur, skin and feathers
* The shape of an egg
* Photos where you shine with vitality, inner success and feel strong
* Proverbs, affirmations related to the word success
* Pyramid
* The red color spectrum

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