Root Chakra Muladhara

Root Chakra Muladhara


Be grounded in yourself, stand firmly on the ground and know your body.

Take care of yourself and your physical and material being. Work with your first chakra.

Supporting words: Will to live, vitality, physical strength, vitality, base energy, activity, "flight or fight", aggressiveness, "I want more", we come from here, mother earth, nutrition, money, support and support in life, sexuality, weight , fatigue, inertia, fear ... which words feel right to you?

The symbol or Mandala for the Root Chakra has four petals. It represents stability. Four pillars stand firmly on the ground. The red color is the longest frequency, the slow wavelength. When you want to heal your first chakra, the Law of Slowness is a good place to start. Rest, sleep, stand still, feel your legs, or walk in slow motion with presence in your legs and feet - Zen-walk!

There is an African tradition that the mother is in the left leg and the father in the right leg.

Shock and trauma often lead to a break in the contact between the first chakra and consciousness.

Body part: Coccyx, pelvic floor, legs, feet, tailbone, psoas muscle, testicles, sacrum.

Exercise: Read the supporting words silently to yourself. Let the words enter the first chakra and feel how they affect the body and relaxation. Experience. Feel your coccyx where you sit - how does it feel? Contact with Earth? Go ahead and sit, breathe, relax your buttocks, let your body make more contact with the ground. Feel and take notes: Do you experience any color or several colors? Does it feel warm … cold? Lively … slow … tired … energetic? What other qualities can you experience? What does the area look like? Walk around and look inside you, the coccyx what does it look like, the nerves through the sacrum down to the legs? Follow the nerve pathways down the legs. Investigate, look, feel free to go with a flashlight and look. Do you see dark or light areas? Do you see unusual things that you didn't expect to be there? Do you get in touch with memories? What does the word trust mean here in the first chakra? What does your trust look like in the first chakra?

Healing with stones: Choose the red stones that you feel drawn to. Clean them in salt water and then put them in warm water so that they are warm when you put them on your body. Also take out about 6 pieces of rock crystals with a point. Undress and go to bed. First, place the red stones under the heel and along the front and back of the leg all the way up to the hips. Feel free to put them in a certain order that you feel is good and looks beautiful. (It varies from person to person.) Then place red stones on the skin between your hips, around your sex, and under your butt. You need quite a lot of stones, about 30. If you don't have it, it's fine to put the hot stones on the hips and under the buttocks and at the ankles. Always place the stones so that you feel them. Place the rock crystal tips with the tip pointing upwards from the belly up to the neck. Feel free to place a lapis lazuli on the forehead chakra. Pull up the covers, set a timer for 20 minutes and let yourself relax and drift away.

When the bell rings, you can collect yourself for a little while and maybe write down if you dreamed something or other images and thoughts came up. It can sometimes be a help to understand yourself.

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