Scorpio: October 23 – November 22

Crystals and stones for the zodiac sign of Scorpio

Intensity, depth, emotion, passion and sensuality are all significant aspects of life for Scorpios. A Scorpio reveals what lies behind the facades but is also a master at hiding its own inner self. She longs to indulge in love and release her feelings but may be afraid of not being accepted or because the feelings and passion are too strong. Change, renewal and intimacy are other important qualities in the life of a Scorpio. She is well aware that everything in life is constantly changing and perhaps that is precisely why she is cautious about giving trust and trusting others. But once you have won a Scorpio's heart or friendship, he will do everything to keep you close to him. People born under the sign of Scorpio have a tendency to be secretive, intuitive and demanding all at the same time. Don't let a Scorpio down, be true, sincere and take advantage of Scorpio's capacity for depth and compassion.

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is a water sign and is ruled by the planet Pluto.


Scorpio needs the garnet to find its way back to its strong primordial power, its passionate feelings and its sensual sexuality. The Garnet supports the Scorpio to hold on to the fundamentals of their existence and trust their feelings and their presence on earth. Everything grows out of contact with the first chakra and the life energy that bubbles in body and soul. Let yourself be as sexy as you are.


Garnet stimulates our contact with the divine primordial force within us. It gives us desire, strength and courage so that we can, dare and want to express our perfection with dedication. The loving energy of garnet supports you to live your passion, your sexuality, your vitality and wildness. The garnet also symbolizes devotion and the ability to stick to one's word firmly anchored in physical reality.

Garnet opens for the power, understanding and warmth of love to be expressed in your life. Live passionately and live fully! Garnet is also a good stone for attraction, whether you want to attract a partner or anything else in the physical world. Use Grenade!

This is Pomegranate: Pomegranate is already mentioned in the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism which are written in Sanskrit and are believed to have been created between 1500 and 400 BC. The European name for garnet is the same word as in pomegranate as the seeds have the same brilliant dark red color as the stones. Granum is Latin for seed or seed and the pomegranate has large dark red beautiful seeds the same size as the garnet crystals, which are usually relatively small for a stone. Garnet is found all over the world, but important deposits are among others in India.

Zodiac sign : Capricorn
Chakras: Base
Month stone: January


Malachite is a heart opener and a stone of change. Perfect for Scorpio's slightly suspicious side. When Scorpio dares a little with his feelings and accepts change, his wisdom and great understanding of people can take up more space and Scorpio can spread his light.


Malachite is a healing and balancing stone. It absorbs negative energy and can be used for pain or tension in the body. Malachite helps you dare to change, to let go of the past and journey into the myriad possibilities of change and living life. It supports development and the ability to deal with the problems and see the solutions that are always there.

This is Malachite: Malachite is a soft mineral and is sensitive to acid and ammonia. Malachite gets its color from copper and is found all over the world. Large deposits are found in Africa.

Zodiac signs: Scorpio and Capricorn
Chakra: Head, Heart and Base.
Planet: Venus


With Obsidian in the pocket, the Scorpio can feel safe. When the scorpion prefers not to be seen or heard too much, obsidian gives just that feeling of staying in the shadows is perfectly OK. Scorpios are not afraid of the dark, rather they thrive in the dark where their sensitive nature can be felt. Obsidian brings calmness and helps Scorpio accept their true nature. Originating from lava and the inner fire of the earth, obsidian gives the scorpion a longed-for closeness to the passionate element of the earth.

Obsidian symbolizes the feminine and passive, what we don't know and what we never can or will know. The calming and balancing energy of obsidian strengthens our presence and ability to rest within ourselves. It receives and absorbs hysteria and nervousness. The black obsidian without special patterns is a stone of protection and cleansing the aura. After a stressful day, you can "comb" your aura with a piece of obsidian. It helps you let go of negative relationships and stand more firmly in your own power.

This is black obsidian: Black obsidian, like all obsidians, is a type of volcanic glass formed in connection with volcanic eruptions. Obsidian has been used since the Stone Age. If you break a stone, the edge becomes very sharp and is only about three nanometers thick. It has been used for knives and weapons but also for scalpels even in the present day. Obsidian is a volcanic glass material and not a crystal. The lava solidifies so quickly that it does not have time to form a crystalline structure.

Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio


Love, sex and intimacy are important to Scorpios, but they don't always dare to trust and be vulnerable. Then the rose quartz is the perfect stone that supports us to open up both heart, life energy and desire. Daring to love yourself even if you don't seek praise and confirmation from other people is a challenge for Scorpio. Here is the stone for self-love and closeness to the most important of all - ourselves! And at the same time be close to someone else, as we were created from the beginning and as we came into the world.


Rose quartz initiates love for ourselves. It provides calm and emotional reassurance. Rose quartz stimulates contact with our inner child, supports innocence, vulnerability and trust. It connects the spiritual dimension with love and gives us love without conditions and requirements.

This is rose quartz: Rose quartz is a common quartz and is found throughout the world. The color comes from iron. Some rose quartz stones, when polished by a skilled cutter, can have a star in them that shines when light is reflected in the stone in a special way. Rose quartz is the pink quartz that is loved for its gentle energy. When you need to feel trust, support and self-acceptance, you can sit with a rose quartz in your hand.

Zodiac signs: Scorpio
Planet: Venus
Menstrual stone: October
Chakras: Heart, Navel and Base

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