Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura

Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura


Step out, dare to take it for yourself and shine with all your vitality

Listen to your will, respect yourself and demand from your fellow human beings that they respect you. Stand up for yourself and your truth. Take a little risk on others and on life.

Chakra 3, Solar plexus chakra, Manipura

An open or balanced third chakra gives harmony between the different aspects of the personality: extrovert - introvert, self-confident - self-critical, ability to take place - ability to give place, humility - cockiness... etc. etc. Our personalities have many traits and each personality trait has an opposite. Accepting yourself for who you are with both "positive" and "negative" personality traits is the key to harmony in the third chakra. A little bit of everything and the golden mean (gold is one of the colors of the third chakra) and the word in moderation gives us the right energy for the third chakra.

The third chakra is a guardian that releases the base energies to the heart. Blockages in the third chakra do not allow us to feel love or again not to show that we love. Finding balance, not seeing the world as black or white and not being ruled by one's thoughts or feelings but having access to one's inner peace are aspects of an open third chakra.

Supporting words: the past, patterns and habits, self-awareness, creating space for oneself, charisma, self-confidence, need to assert oneself, stress, insecurity, wanting to be someone, will, surrender (abandonment), power, acceptance, fear, feelings of authority ,

Body part: Solar plexus, diaphragm, breathing.

Suggested exercises:

Relax, feel and write down: Feel your solar plexus, how does it feel? Heat, cold, slow fast, colors...? Trouble in the stomach? Butterflies in the stomach? How does the color yellow feel to you? Do you remember times when you have felt your third chakra more? How do the different supporting words feel in your third chakra?

• Vipassana meditation is the ancient meditation technique that, it is said, the Buddha used when he became enlightened. This means that you sit relaxed and let your consciousness focus on your breathing. Thoughts and feelings may come and go. The focus of consciousness disappears from breathing and then we have to remind ourselves and go back to breathing. This is repeated again and again. A deeper relaxation is the result. Finally, we find the ability to rest quietly in our inner peace.

• Self-awareness in all its forms: conversations, therapy of various kinds, anything that helps us see ourselves a little more and that supports us to accept ourselves exactly as the person we are.

• The therapeutic method The Journey, can take you through and look at blockages in your third chakra, where they come from and help you through presence to heal the wounds in your personality.

Stones for the Third Chakra: citrine, imperial topaz, yellow aventurine, yellow calcite, gold calcite, rutile quartz, gold, pyrite and all yellow or golden stones and crystals.

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