Hi, my name is Isabell and I am Kristallrummet's customer service manager. My job includes, among other things, answering emails and phone calls as well as picking, packing and invoicing all of Kristallrummet's web orders. When I'm not working at the Crystal Room, I'm training in shamanic healing and on weekends I have a reception for individual healing sessions in my home.

For many years I have had a strong love for the mineral kingdom and the information and energy that I experience is stored in the minerals. I am a former trained Ayurvedic health counselor and have long dedicated my life to helping people.

My choice of products:

The Language of Animals by Sun Eye.
I use this book as a tool for guidance every time I have a special encounter with an animal or when the animals visit me in my dreams.

Smudge kit.
I use this to cleanse myself and my home and to show gratitude to the spirit world. When you use a smudge kit, you create contact with all the elements that can help us clean and clear. The paua conch which symbolizes the element of water, the spring which symbolizes the element of air, the sage, the sweet grass and the cedar which symbolizes the element of earth and the element of fire when you burn the herbs.

Salt candle lantern & Salt lamp.
To create a beautiful atmosphere and warmth in the autumn darkness and to clean the air. Iodine found in salt generates negative ions, which are said to help circulation, immune system and respiratory system among other things.

Black tourmaline.
I use for protection and to ground my energy.

I use to clean the aura as Selenite is one of the few minerals that is said to be able to remove stagnant and heavy energy from our energy field.