My name is Josefin and I work in the shop on Hökens gata as well as with the courses and crystal readings held at the Crystal Room. I do crystal readings and also work as a course assistant with all the courses held at the Crystal Room.

My love affair with crystals and stones began in the woods, where I spend much of my time. I started there to communicate with stones, which I have since developed in meetings with different crystals. I have a great interest in channeling and energy communication that can provide personal development and healing. I have previously trained in so-called angel communication, tantra and shamanic healing.

A crystal reading provides both more knowledge about yourself and about the crystals selected just for you. It is an opportunity to learn more about crystals and about yourself. The Crystal Room makes the magic and beauty of stones accessible to everyone, and I can't think of a job I'd rather have right now than this! You can also learn how to do crystal reading yourself on our crystal reading course.

In the store, we are happy to give tips and advice as time allows about what you might want to know about the world of crystals and also about our other products and courses that bring beauty, power and harmony. Warm welcome!