Hi, my name is Karolina

I have worked in Kristallrummet for over 10 years now as store manager for Gamla Stan and then customer service manager for the online store. The experience and love for our products has now opened a new door for me within the company - as purchasing manager for the entire range. I take over from Lena Bergman, who together with Vanya Pernilla Mårtens started the company almost 30 years ago. It is a great and honorable mission to be the one who travels the world and buys crystals, jewelry, amber and home furnishing products.

The range is broadened and growing all the time as the company expands its branches and demand increases. It is an exciting development that inspires us even more to continue to maintain good quality at low prices so that everyone who wants has access to our fantastic products of natural minerals and genuine silver.

I am also Kristallrummet's product photographer via my individual company Form Serenader. It is so wonderful and inspiring to be able to photograph things that you yourself love and think are beautiful. I certainly hope that that feeling is passed on when you see my pictures. Read more about me as a photographer here: http://form.serenander.se/