Make your own jewelry

It's fun, easy and simple to make beautiful jewelry yourself! The crystal room at Hökens gata 6 has a variety of quality products to make jewelry from. Beads of various precious stones, seashells, freshwater pearls and wood, silver beads, clasps, earring hooks and jewelry courses.

Everything you need for your jewelry making

You can find our entire range of beads and silk thread at Hökens gata 6, Stockholm.

With us you will find a large selection of silver beads, locks, hooks and other accessories in silver, pliers and wires of various kinds to make your own jewelry and here you will find a very large amount of beads on wire in all the colors of the rainbow and stones from all over the world corner!

Jewelery making courses - Play, learn and meet like-minded people!

Take our inspiring jewelery course where you make your own jewelery yourself! Let yourself be absorbed by the creativity and the beautiful materials. The jewelry you make is an expression of your personality and something to be proud of. Our jewelery courses are very popular. We have heard so many happy and grateful expressions after completing a jewelery course.

Self-confidence increases when you see what beautiful jewelry you can make yourself. You get help from our teachers to make your own jewelry so that you can really use it yourself or give it away. For example, you should think about being careful with the ends so that your jewelry lasts and the beautiful stones do not disappear.

Contents of the jewelry course "Make your own jewelry"

Course opportunity 1: Bracelets or necklaces on Beadalon thread, clamp beads and clamp bead pliers.

Course opportunity 2: Thread necklaces or bracelets on pearl silk with two different types of knots. How to attach a lock and secure the knots.

Course opportunity 3: Earrings or charms with silver or gold-plated hat pins, round pliers and cutters.

Lesson 4 : Bracelets or necklaces on elastic thread and how to make them durable.

Course opportunity 5 : Help to finish various projects. Termination. Inspiration for your future creation.

The course takes place in Kristallrummet's shop at Hökens gata 6, Slussen. tel 08 714 8810. Here there is a wonderful abundance of pearls and everything else you need!


Monica works at the Kristallrummet and leads our jewelery courses.

We make your jewelry the way you want it, mend your broken jewelry and change existing jewelry!

If you don't want to make your bracelet, necklace or other jewelry yourself, and also can't find an already made piece of jewelry that you want in our store, we can make one of your own for you! We both repair and re-manufacture bracelets, necklaces and other jewelery as requested.

If you choose beads, clasps and how you want us to make your own jewelry, we will! Of course, it will be an extra cost for you, but you will also get something unique, special and that you want. A bracelet strung on wire or with knots on pearl silk is a piece of jewelery that will last for many years. Draw a sketch of how you want us to make your own bracelet!