Vanya Pernilla

Hello! My name is Vanya Pernilla Mårtens.

My interest in crystals and stones was sparked when I was traveling around the USA as a single 23-year-old. I was full of an undefined longing, on the run from my own demands and ideas about life ... and lost ... on the way to find myself. I loved looking at Lapis Lazuli in the jewellers' shop windows and I happened to meet very special people. Among other things, I received an opal from a generous and sighted woman. I met people with "powerstones" in them the pockets. They were guides for me at the beginning of my journey in the magical world of stones. I was really deeply inspired.

My adventure with the Crystal Room began a few years after my trip to the USA. I will never forget when I traveled to Germany to buy tumbled stones with a so-called "dramaten" wheeled bag and SEK 1000 in my pocket from my friends. They wanted me to buy stones for them too. So began my adventure with the Crystal Room!

I met Lena and her then-husband Jacques through the crystals and stones and we decided to start the Crystal Room at Café Pan. Pretty soon, my then-partner Joel Särman joined. We found the shop in Gamla Stan and decided to dare to bet thanks to a bank woman who believed in us. It is and has been a fantastic journey in all those ways. Alongside the Crystal Room, I have worked as a therapist with meditation and healing. Currently I lead courses in crystal healing, and also in meditation, with dynamic meditations, with Oneness Blessing etc.

The wonderful thing about gemstones is that they convey both beauty, healing and hope to us humans. They inspire us, adorn us, help us bring out the most beautiful in us and stimulate our inner, our spiritual qualities.

I never cease to marvel at nature's creative power, sensuality and beauty. Getting to make jewelry with all the genuine materials that the Crystal Room provides is one of the most fun things there is. In our store in Gamla Stan, we have more of the unique jewelery we produce ourselves. The line of jewelry ( Chakra bracelets & necklaces, Alla Kvinnors Hus bracelets, Lucky necklaces, Intention bracelets together with Marie, etc.).

As the Crystal Room has grown, my duties have changed. When we started in 1990, I bought in tumbled stone of many different kinds. I was fascinated by their different properties and the special magic that the presence of the stones gives us. My duties since then have been marketing, company sales, purchasing jewelry, administration, the online store and everything that has fallen through the cracks. Now my work has evolved into being CEO, which for my part means taking overall responsibility, not least for staff, our vision and that we grow into the future in a present and environmentally conscious way. Being a small business owner in the trade sector is not easy, we have had to learn a lot along the way. My dream is to be able to share it in a way that helps others grow.

I also want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to you who are reading this for being interested in our company, to all the employees of Kristallrummet over the years, for all the challenges I have faced and to Life that helped us and me get all the way here, taught me so much and brought me so much joy. :-)