Kinesiology Individual treatments

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Annika Olmås Nordström is a certified kinesiologist and temporomandibular joint therapist.

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With the help of a holistic overall perspective, energy medicine and the many pleasant and powerful methods of kinesiology, she helps you to start your unique flow to promote self-healing, which gives more balance, vitality and flow in life, body and soul.

She is intuitively aware, the treatments are individualized and with the help of muscle tests, imbalances, tensions and blockages can be found.

An imbalance can manifest itself as symptoms in the form of, for example, pain, swelling, stress, allergies, eczema, indigestion, phobias, sleep problems, exhaustion, teeth grinding, tension headaches, disturbing noises in the ears, pain and/or stiffness in the neck, etc.

Symptoms are a way for the body to tell you that something is out of balance and that it needs something.

Muscle tests are a way to communicate with the body and find out what exactly your body needs.

As a kinesiologist, she then works with physical, mental, nutritional and energy treatments to strengthen and support the body's own self-healing ability.

Kinesiology is a fantastic alternative treatment method where, with the help of muscle tests, you can communicate with the body and the body's nervous and energy systems, a kind of communication with the body's subconscious.
A holistic approach, where body, soul and mind are seen as a whole, where balance and flow are always sought.
With the help of several powerful and pleasant treatments, balance, power and healing are created.

In order for the self-healing process to work, the body needs to be in balance. All the parts of your body and soul are connected and interdependent. The body itself constantly strives to be in balance, but may need help on the trot to find or maintain its balance.

A major factor that easily disturbs the balance is stress, stress on several levels, both that you stress too much in daily life, but can also be stress after an injury, worry, food intolerance, allergy, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc.

In kinesiology, you treat the cause of the imbalance itself and work to remove stagnation and imbalance on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, hormonal, mental and spiritual.

It will also be a meeting with oneself on the bench, where the true in your body and soul gets time and the opportunity to be seen and noticed.

In kinesiology, you work physically, mentally, nutritionally and energetically to support and strengthen both body and soul.

Good to know before the visit

The client in focus, confidentiality is applied.

Remember not to wear clothes made of synthetic materials.

All treatment is done with clothes on.

The service can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before.

Kinesiologist Annika Olmås Nordström


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