Tie pearls on silk thread 7/11 and 14/11 at 18.00-19.30

900.00 SEK

Course in tying beautiful necklaces with silk thread

Tying silk thread between each pearl is an old and exclusive craft. It gives a nice feel and added value to your stones to string them with silk knots between each bead or a little here and there in the necklace. The size can also vary on the knots depending on the type of thread you use.

On these course evenings, you will learn to tie a necklace on silk thread for better durability and strength.

Practice materials are included and you will be able to buy materials for your own designed jewelry and then you will receive a 20% discount. We won't have time to complete a necklace or bracelet the first night but you will take the knowledge home with you to work on for the next evening meeting.

This course is led by Monica Johansson

Please note that there is a charge for materials.
A 20% discount is given on purchases at the time of the course.

Maximum number of participants: 10 people


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