Chakra balancing

How to do? What is it!

Look at the picture here.
There you see where each chakra is located on the body and which color fits. You can use several or any of the stones we mention below. You can place small rock crystal tips between the stones on the body. it is nice to warm the stones in hot water before you put them on the body. If you have the opportunity to place the stones and crystals directly on the skin, that is preferable. Lie e.g. in bed and put a blanket on you.

Feel free to place the stones as follows directly on the skin, on the respective chakra;

- Hematite at the feet
- Red garnet, red jasper or ruby ​​on the root chakra (under the tail at the tailbone)
- Orange calcite or carnelian about 2 cm below the navel
- Yellow citrine, yellow calcite or yellow aventurine on the solar plexus
- Green aventurine, jade, zoisite or green jasper in the middle of the chest
- Light blue aquamarine or blue bandagat on the neck
- Lapis lazuli, sodalite or azurite on the forehead
- Amethyst, duck quartz or rock crystal up on the crown above the head.
- Pink stones can be used both on the heart chakra and on the navel chakra

Start by placing the stones at the feet first. It's more practical that way. Feel free to use more stones on each chakra. If you want to do chakra balancing, you should place so that color and chakra match. Place the rock crystals in your hands pointing inwards/upwards and between the stones on the body you can also place rock crystals with the tips pointing upwards. Let the feeling guide you. Begin balancing by consciously focusing on one chakra at a time. Go from top to bottom all the way through the body once.

If you lose concentration it doesn't matter, it's part of relaxation just come back to the chakra where you were last. You can then turn and go up from the first chakra to the crown in the same way. Stop for a little while at each chakra and feel in, take a breath and then continue. When you've gone all the way up, you can let go of concentration and sink inward. Relax.

Let the thoughts come and go. Feel free to listen to quiet and beautiful music while doing this. Follow the instructions. Enjoy and sink into yourself. Make sure you are undisturbed and turn off your phone. Don't do chakra balancing if it doesn't feel right. If you want to do chakra balancing anyway, you can contact a therapist.

What is going on?

A chakra is a meeting between the spiritual, psychic and physical aspects of us humans. A chakra balancing aims to harmonize, balance and make us more present to body and soul. Our life energy vibrates in different frequencies just like colors and crystals. Each stone "tunes the tone", the frequency in the respective chakra point so that it naturally comes into more balance with itself and the existential energy. Each chakra has its own frequency that matches the stone of the same color.

What can you experience?

If you're tired, you're likely to fall asleep, it doesn't matter the balance works anyway. It's good if you relax. The relaxation that takes place can be compared to a meditative state that can also be created, for example, with self-hypnosis. Often the condition is experienced as something between a dream and wakefulness. Maybe you dream or get other kinds of images, visions or experiences in your mind. You may also feel as if you are falling into an awake deep sleep.

Chakra balancing is a healing relaxation method and is experienced entirely dependent on the individual using the method. Chakra balancing is not a substitute for traditional medical care or psychotherapy.

You can also do a chakra balancing with stones on a friend. While the friend lies down with the stones on the body, you can, for example, hold their feet or do aura cleansing with selenite or sage incense.

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