About Magic Stones, the crystal book

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About magic stones...

Finally, the little book about "Magic Stones" is back! The eighth expanded edition now with images and texts on 250 stones, crystals and jewelry materials. You will also find other inspiration about chakras, chakra balancing, moonstones, archangels' stones, zodiac signs and which stones belong to them, as well as information on how to choose a stone for a friend and more! 120 tightly written pages!

Symbolism, energy and vibrations

There is a long tradition of giving stones a symbolic value and allowing it to influence subconscious and unconscious currents within us. Many people can also feel energy or special properties of the stones just as if the stones are alive.

Keys to presence

When you let your intuition guide you in choosing stones, your choice can tell you new things, about you. Aspects of your personality that you didn't know existed can suddenly become important for you to be more present to. Forces within you that you sensed were there can be confirmed and affirmed with the help of crystals and stones. What you dream of and your path to achieve it can be revealed through a crystal reading. You will find more information about crystal reading in the Crystal Room's online store. Many also let the stones accompany them in everyday life, the stone or crystal can be an anchor for our presence to different aspects of life and ourselves that we might otherwise rush past. We are constantly reminded of what the crystals want to convey. Our presence is increasing.

Chakra balancing

Another way to work with the stones is to let them balance your chakras. The subtle energy that the stone conveys affects your chakra in a very special way. More information about this can be found in the book!


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