Green for peace and harmony

Green stands for balance. In the middle between the brown-red mass of the earth and the clear blue brilliance of the sky, we find the green power.
Green is organic growing and development in harmony with the whole. When you take a deep breath, when you feel gratitude, when you are happy for no reason...all are aspects of a heart in balance and harmony.
Green is a calm love and not the passionate love but the secure trust that the forest and nature can give us.
Green gives us peace of mind and confidence in the heart. Just as the forest and nature make us aware of the absurdity of a wandering mind, so nature also gives us the experience of freedom. We can breathe deeply and fill our body with wonderful healthy oxygen.

The color of the heart

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, we may feel that we have to choose between two bad things. Then we need support to come to terms with reality and accept our life situation. Maybe there is a third option, more creative solutions that we can't see right now?
The color green helps you make decisions based on balance and harmony within yourself. Therefore, it is important that when you have to make big decisions go to your heart, breathe deeply and feel the power and warmth in your chest.
Many of us, due to, for example, fear, stress, traumatic experiences and negative dependency situations, have a closed heart and are therefore unable to make decisions that are in harmony with our existential reality. Meditating with green, quieting your mind and listening inward is then a help to not make decisions based on fear and negative patterns.

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