Yellow for the sun and light

Yellow stands for celebration, celebration, leadership and who we are in the world.
Who in the world are you? What does your personality look like? Self-awareness on the personal level is stimulated by yellow. When you can easily answer "I am like this ... and like this". Then you let your yellow energy emerge.
Words such as charisma and personal radiance are associated with the color yellow. Like gold, wealth, power and being seen.
Many of us can be afraid of the color yellow - because if you are in the limelight, you also have to put up with some people reacting negatively. So yellow is also a brave color, but also a color that can give you more confidence.

Yellow in nature

In nature, the combination of yellow and black is a warning signal. Insects with poisonous stings, for example, or poisonous yellow and black frogs.
The leaflets in the evening newspapers take advantage of the adrenaline stimulation that yellow and black provide. Surely your eyes are drawn to the black and yellow running notes? It is natural that you react and get a higher stress level in your body. No matter what it says!
Yellow is also the sunflowers, the yellow birch leaves and the deep joy that golden shimmer stimulates within us. It is not because we are greedy but rather it is similar to the inner experience of positive, healing energy that flows through the body when you are happy, in love, experiencing peace of mind and contentment.

Yellow stones and crystals

Citrine is the most common yellow gemstone. Calcite and jasper are also available in yellow and orange colors. The sapphire and the topaz can also be yellow, as can the kunzite.
Amber is counted among the yellow gemstones and gold also gives us yellow vibrations.

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