Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Crystals and Gemstones for the Zodiac Sign Virgo

Virgo is a sensitive, kind and selfless person who is best at structuring, organizing and planning. Virgo's down-to-earth concern for details is pure love and is done with no thought of getting anything in return. Virgo nurtures because she loves to see a reasonable development based on a stable foundation. Credibility, truth and reliability are strong words for a Virgo. What is really the big challenge for Virgo is to step out of their own comfort and open their heart. Virgo needs the magic and courage that the crystals can give to step out into life, embrace and experience the miracle of love. Virgo loves nature and needs the support of the green to be in touch with their heart. In nature and in her garden, Virgo can relax and feel her big heart and love for life. Inner peace, stillness and being truthful are important to a Virgo who likes to seek the stillness of nature and the comfort of green vegetation when Virgo's sensibilities are hurt. All green stones are good for Virgo.


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When the Virgo's heart is open and the inner stillness is allowed to find its way out and communicate with the outside world, the Virgo is a true healer. Virgo likes to create beauty in their surroundings that is healing and brings out the beauty in things and the eye of the beholder. Virgo can create magic in the earthly realm. Mossagat's healing heart rate gives Virgo the right energy to feel safe, at peace, and fulfilled.


Mossagat stimulates us to see the beauty in everything that surrounds us. It is generally strengthening, but above all it strengthens poor self-confidence and gives strength to positive aspects of the personality. Mossagate reminds us of nature's self-healing powers and eternal wisdom. It is said to be one of the most popular healing stones.

This is mossed: Mossagat a quartz and a type of agate. Mossagat is a quartz and thus the main mineral is silicon dioxide, SiO2. The green moss-like forms are inclusions of other minerals, e.g. chlorite. Hardness 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Mossagat is found all over the world, but large deposits are found in Brazil, India, China, South Africa and the USA

Element: Soil
Zodiac signs: Virgo
Chakras: Heart
Planet: The earth


Kyanite is a good stone for Virgo as she loves the presence of the moment, the spiritual connection that occurs in inner stillness and silence, and the feeling of genuine naturalness from the inside out. Virgo's strength is being able to communicate based on spiritual presence and kyanite helps her bring out that quality in herself. Hold a kyanite in your hand or in front of your heart and let your voice express what is important, what you feel, what you need right now. Kyanite can help you find the strength in vulnerability when you feel that what you are communicating is true. To be in touch with your vulnerability, you can hold a rose quartz in your other hand!


Kyanite symbolizes the stillness of being and clear directed communication. It is a stone especially for the third eye (panchakra) and the throat. It stimulates and facilitates communication with oneself, meditation and it helps us persevere in activities that would normally make us tired and low on energy. Kyanite allows us to communicate and find both motivation and energy within ourselves for our endurance. It teaches us about directed energy, focus and presence.

This is Kyanite: Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral. It is often found together with quartz but the kyanite crystals are elongated fibrous forms that sometimes resemble leaves but are usually rods with elongated crystals. The color of kyanite is blue, from light blue to darker almost black blue. Blue Kyanite is found worldwide, with important commercial deposits in Brazil, Burma, Mexico, South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

Planet: Mercury & Neptune
Chakras: Neck and forehead 
Element: Air


Red Jasper gives vitality and strength to Virgo who, due to too much self-criticism and fear of not being "right", can turn themselves into a certain leaf or an angry besserwisser. Feel your power dear Virgo and live in open communication with those around you.


Jasper brings out your natural beauty by strengthening vitality and vitality. Confidence in our own path through life and in the creative power of the universe brings beauty and power. Jasper supports us through the natural processes of life such as pregnancy, birth, puberty and aging. The Native American word for red jasper means "rain bringer" and it was used in ceremonies to ask for rain. Red jasper has also traditionally been used in batting squares. The Egyptians associated red jasper with the blood of Isis and it was used in cases of extensive bleeding.

This is red jasper: Jasper is a stone that comes in many different varieties and belongs to the quartz family. The red color comes from iron mixed in the crystal. They call it iron impurities and, depending on the amount and chemical composition, they can give the jasper different shades of red and brown. Red jasper was already used by the ancient Egyptians in jewelry and ornaments. Jasper is an incredibly common mineral and is found all over the world. What is mined mostly comes from Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Chile, but there are also large veins (deposits) in France and Germany.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Libra Planet: The earth
Chakra: Base Elements : Earth & Fire


The rose quartz is for Virgo's self-love and heart. For Virgo, it is especially important to care for herself with tenderness and let the love of the world and the stones reach her heart. Virgo has the softest and most tender heart that overflows when she feels safe, loved and relaxed. The rose quartz helps the Virgo to see and feel the hearts of all people in order to be safe and feel loved in all situations.


Rose quartz initiates love for ourselves. It provides calm and emotional reassurance. Rose quartz stimulates contact with our inner child, supports innocence, vulnerability and trust. It connects the spiritual dimension with love and gives us love without conditions and requirements.

This is rose quartz: Rose quartz is a common quartz and is found throughout the world. The color comes from iron. Some rose quartz stones, when polished by a skilled cutter, can have a star in them that shines when light is reflected in the stone in a special way. Rose quartz is the pink quartz that is loved for its gentle energy. When you need to feel trust, support and self-acceptance, you can sit with a rose quartz in your hand.

Zodiac signs: Scorpio

Planet: Venus
Month stone: October

Element: Soil & Water
Chakras: Heart, Navel and Base

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